An Indiana Jones’ like adventure through the Uganda Discoverer

Have you ever had an Indiana Jones urge? The urge to go on an adventure, to see animals you never thought you’d see, to go to places with names like the ‘Impenetrable forest’? This urge can be satisfied in the thick jungles of Uganda. There’s a tour run by Jenman African Safaris which makes you feel like Harrison Ford has just retired all his kit to you. Except, unlike Harrison, your place of rest will be a little bit more comfortable and you won’t be attacked by snakes.

indiana jones
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

The Uganda Discoverer begins with a flight in a small plane to Kampala. While you won’t see criminals chasing after you, your adventure will begin with standing on the Equator, seeing some incredible game and paddling canoes deep into the jungle on Lake Mburo. What a start to your holiday!?

indiana jones
Uganda Equator

The adventure doesn’t stop on the first day though! Day two sees you journey into the heart of the Impenetrable Forest National Park in Bwindi. A forest, where the vegetation is so thick, it can block out the sun. However, in amidst the dense leaves and bushes, half of the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas can be found.

indiana jones
Uganda Discoverer

Finally, the most exhilarating day arrives where you are led on an expedition to track Gorilla’s. Like Tarzan and Gorilla’s in the Mist you will have the unique experience of getting upfront and personal with these beautiful and unique creatures. While you won’t be able to touch them, you will be able to get as close as 5m, which is closer then you will get to most African primates.

indiana jones
Gorilla hiding in the tall grass

The next four days are spent driving through the beautiful Kibale Forest National Park. Here you will experience game such as elephant’s, rhino, giraffe, wildebeest and many others including rare climbing lions and chimpanzees. It is worth noting that the climbing lions are an uncommon treasure as only a few of them exist.

indiana jones
A lion in the Kibale Forest National Park

This is one incredible experience that won’t leave your memory quickly. In fact, there will be times when you lie back on your canoe, as the sun sets and the water laps against the side, where you will wonder if you could possibly be doing something more enjoyable. Click here to find more information on this amazing tour, and possibly book the adventure, but only if you dare.

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