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Mountains of the Mist

Cloaked under a thick blanket of mist in the early mornings, the Bvumba Mountains tower 609-metres above sea level, on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border.

Rising to a peak named Castle Beacon, which stands 1911-metres tall, these beautiful Mountains of the Mist – as they’re called by locals and foreign visitors alike – are historically and spiritually significant for the people who live around them, and make a worthwhile highlight on any travel itinerary.

The spiritual beliefs that surround the Bvumba Mountain range are inspired by the incredibly well-preserved rock art paintings that can be found there. Depicting the human forms of hunter-gatherers holdings bows and arrows, or seemingly sitting tranquilly in a spiritual trance, the rock art is thought to be around 8 000 years old and is dotted amongst ritual sites that are still used today for rainmaking, divining and healing.

Each rock art site offers an incredible experience for visitors to learn more about the people, and their hunter-gatherer culture, that were once prominent in the lands surrounding the mountain range, as well as the art that they produced, and the spiritual rituals and beliefs that they had.

In the Zimbabwean portion of the Bvumba Mountains alone, there are up to 86 different Stone Age sites that play an important part in the spiritual Shona rituals that connect the Shona people on an incredibly deep level with the sacred forest and landscape that surrounds the Mountain range. This landscape, which consists primarily of fairly dense savannah woodland, is known as the Chinhamapere sacred landscape, and is considered to be a powerful place that enables the Shona people to communicate with their ancestors.

The Bvumba Mountains are a picturesque paradise that is home to incredible spiritual relics from the past, which still hold incredible value and relevance for people today. Visitors can spot some of the rarest butterflies to be found anywhere in the world, as well as an impressive variety of birdlife and other wildlife.

If you decide to immerse yourself in the rich spiritual setting that is the Bvumba Mountains, then you’ll be delighted to learn that there are a number of incredible accommodation options to choose from – accommodation options that will not only give you breathtaking views of the beautiful, misty Bvumba Mountains, but also ensure that you’re able to feel, for yourself, the region’s true spiritual significance.

Mountains of the Mist