How Creative Africa Can Be 1

How Creative Africa Can Be

It’s no news to anyone that Africa is a beautiful continent filled with amazing people. But many of you may not be aware of how amazing these people really are! Many African countries may not have much, but they make up for this with their creativity. Below is some incredible photos which show just how creative African people can be!

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Traveling comfortably is key

Motor bike back seats are quite uncomfortable! Why not take the couch you’re not using and strap that on instead.


Playing pool

Pool tables are expensive for anybody! Just get some mud, sticks, eggs and a few stones to build one yourself. That’s not only entertainment for you, but for the whole community.


Traveling in style

Weddings are over priced. Just think how much money you’d save if instead of a fancy car the bridal party all got on one motor bike!


Wheel barrows

If you’re trying to help a friend with a building project and you can’t get the wheel barrow in the car, this may be an effective solution (Aside from the fact that you could get pulled over).


Why not pile everything onto one vehicle when moving home? The cost of replacing the suspension is way less than that of a shipping company.


Selling bananas

Who needs to rent a shop when you can sell more bananas from your car? These people not only save on rental, but I’m sure they haven’t had to buy a fixed asset in about 30 years. I would say that they are a service that delivers, but I’m not sure if that vehicle still runs!


Carrying your load

When you can’t get everyone in the car, how often do you think about the roof? As long as they have a medical plan, they should be fine.



Riding bike

I’m not sure if this is the safest idea, but it will definitely sort out the problem of helmet hair!

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