HIMBA DONATION – Jenman clients give donations with Jenman support

Vin and Wendy Piscino from Australia with their donations

When clients Vin and Wendy Piscino came on a Jenman Namibia Lodge Safari in June, little did they know that they would be so moved by their experience, they would go home and make a decision that would change the lives of many people.

Australians Vin and Wendy Piscino had booked their lodge safari of Namibia with no expectations of getting involved with the local people.  Meeting people from different culture groups is just one aspect of an African safari, but this time it had a big impact.  The Himba people of Namibia are exceptionally unique – in their lifestyle, language, customs, dress – virtually everything is different from modern western societies, and they manage to live with very little, in terms of human possessions or resources.

Donations from Wendy and Vin from Australia

The school supplies are particularly meagre in this part of the world.  When the Piscinos came into contact with the Himbas at their local school, and saw how few supplies the children had, they made a decision to make a difference.  A plan was set into motion once they got back home to Australia that would lead to a flurry of generosity and international kindness.  Many supplies were gathered and collected from the Piscinos and their friends, supplies that could go directly to the Himba children that would help them to learn at their local school.

Wendy wrote in one email to Liz at Jenman, who booked the Piscino’s safari, “I picked up the box from the packing company…there were roughly 20 families and individuals who contributed to the package.  Some of these people will continue to contribute after another garage sale.  The sale will hopefully cover the shipping costs…”

Children of the Himba people

With that, another plan was set into motion.  Liz and the rest of the team at Jenman thought, ‘if we have clients who are so generous, and friends of clients who are equally giving (when they haven’t even seen the people who will benefit from their kindness) then we too can contribute in some way.  So we decided to pay the import duty and delivery cost for the package to be sent to the Himbas in Namibia.

Two of our staff members are set to join our next Namibia Lodge safari, Amber and Maria, and they will be responsible for handing over the ample collection of donations.  With cooperation from numerous people around the globe, this has turned out to be a mission of goodwill and generosity, and one that will bring a lovely surprise to many Himba children.  We are so proud of the Piscinos and the huge effort they have made to bring everything together and make this amazing donation happen!

Are you looking for a meaningful way to spend time in Africa, too?  Would you also like to do more than just be a sightseeing visitor? If you are looking for an opportunity to help out, create change and be a part of something during your trip to Africa than have a look at our Voluntourism Experience Safari, which you can simply add-on your main Tour through to Africa…

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