The Heart of Jenman African Safaris: Travel is One of the Greatest Connectors

Travel allows people to break down boundaries, cross cultural divides and share meaningful moments that create a bond that is not easily broken.

When people step out of their comfort zone, that is where the magic happens. In a world with so much conflict and confusion, we really believe that travel and the connection it fosters is the greatest tool for some much-needed compassion.

We want to change the way our guests experience Africa and the way they think about their holiday. Instead of being only passive observers of the landscapes, wildlife and cultures they encounter – we believe that when guests involve themselves by interacting and even making decisions that impact their lives back home, it becomes a more meaningful experience and builds longer lasting memories. This is our vision. Allow us to share this in more detail…

The conservation message is not something you drop in at the end – the threat is unequivocal

As African safari tour operators, we are not only in the business of providing magnificent safari adventures but also in the business of conservation. Without the wild open spaces and uniquely African wildlife that roams them, we cannot survive. We are merely custodians of the wilderness areas that have been entrusted in our hands to protect for future generations. We need to support the voiceless by having a very loud and far-reaching voice.

Jenman African Safaris | Garth Jenman & Katja Quasdorf

It is our responsibility in African travel to carry this message out to the world and make travellers understand and fall in love with Africa – as David Attenborough said, “People tend to protect what they love.”

With this message, we would like to call on our valued agents in the industry: help us sensitise travellers before they arrive in Africa and let us find a way of building a bridge between travel and the preservation and support of our communities and wilderness areas. And most importantly, let’s collaborate for conservation.

Putting the “safari” back into safaris

Travel trends and guest expectations change continuously and we at Jenman African Safaris have always been proud of how we adjust to new trends and travellers’ expectations. Last year we identified a trend of slowing travel down and have since curated many of our safaris to reflect exactly that.

Sharing the stories of the communities and areas we are visiting and the people that help us to deliver our authentic safari experiences is what we are able to do by putting the “safari” back into our “tours”. A safari is a journey – not just from A to B, but a journey of your mind and heart, to engage with other cultures, and a voyage of personal growth. A safari can build lasting connections, whether it be with the expert guides who share their stories or fellow travellers.

Connecting you with AfricaSincerely,
Katja and Garth

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