Hats off to SANParks!! 1

Hats off to SANParks!!

Kruger National Park LionSource: Getaway, December 2009 edition

Our family recently spent our annual holiday in the Kruger National Park. One afternoon, about three kilometers from Pretoriuskop Rest Camp, we came across a pride of lionesses and noticed that the biggest female had a snare around her neck that had cut into her skin.

My husband phoned Pretoriuskop and within 10 minutes ranger Dalton Mabasa was on the scene and had contacted the vets at Skukuza. They arrived barely 40 minutes later and went tot fetch an open game-viewing vehicle. They darted the lioness, scared off the rest of the pride and carried the sleeping lion on a stretcher to the roadside.

We were invited to get out of our vehicles and to stand quietly while the vets removed the snare, cleaned the wound and gave her an antibiotic. Within five minutes, we were back in our vehicles, the vets had left and Dalton and his assistant stood guard until the lioness regained consciousness.

We would like to congratulate the staff involved.

The entire incident took less than an hour and, when we met Dalton the following day, he confirmed that the lioness has woken up and walked off undisturbed. To ranger Dalton Mabasa, Kenneth Muchocho and all the assisting staff, you deserve much recognition for you impressive efficiency and professionalism.

Samantha Pinnell, Hilton.

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