Hammerstein Lodge

Hammerstein Lodge

Leopard in Namibia

On our trip through Namibia we stayed at Hammerstein Lodge. It is not far from the biggest sand dunes in the world – Sossusvlei which is one of the main highlights in Namibia.

What makes Hammerstein so special? Hammerstein has lots of furry friends that stay on the property…
Who stays on the property?

– Lisa the leopard who was raised by the families’ son
– Caesar and Cleopatra – two cheetahs who have also had two batches of cubs
– Two Caracals, the small African Lynx
– Hans the Hartman’s Mountain zebra (his name in Afrikaans means cheeky…and that he is!)

Visitors are warned not to get too close to Hans the Hartman’s Mountain zebra for he may bite. My fellow traveller, Lloyd, from Western Australia was very intrigued by Hans and decided to meet him. For some reason Hans was very friendly to Lloyd and the two had a great time bonding. Of course the fact that Lloyd was feeding him camel thorn pods (a nice tasting treat!) did help a little. So if you are ever in southern Namibia stop by and say hello to Hans, just remember the pods.

Chantal (Jenman Guide)


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