Do I need travel insurance?

You can only travel with Jenman African Safaris if you have travel insurance. All insurance is solely the responsibility of the client. Before a client commences a tour, he/she should arrange his/her own insurance with protection for the full duration of the travel, to cover including but not limited to, personal injury, damage and loss…

Is there a minimum age on your safaris?

Namibia & SA Tours: We allow children as young as 9 years of age on our safaris through Namibia and SA. Botswana Tours: Children under 12 years old will be accepted on a case to case basis. Permission will be required. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on Mokoro trips in Botswana….

Do mobile phones work in Africa?

Yes, there is extensive coverage throughout Southern and East Africa. In some countries, this may be primarily in and around major urban areas. However, in South Africa, networks cover all national roads, towns and cities. Before traveling, ask your mobile phone service provider to open your phone to allow international roaming.

What visas do you need?

For detailed visa information for each of the individual countries, please see our visa section.

What different types of safaris does Jenman African Safaris run?

We run the following different types of small guided group safaris: Adventure guided group camping safaris These safaris run on fixed departures dates with a maximum of 12 guests. Semi participation means that you are required to put up and take down your tent. Accommodation is a 2-person igloo tent with a foam mattress. All…

What currency should you take with on safari?

Most major world currencies are available throughout Southern and East Africa. Any of the following currencies are accepted: US Dollar, Euro and Pounds. There are ATM machines as well as money exchange companies in most of the major cities in the regions we operate in.

What clothes should you take on safari?

On flying safaris, the light aircraft that charter guests only permit 8 kg of luggage per person. Only pack a few items of light and preferably cotton clothing for your stay in the bush. Clothing should be in neutral colours e.g. khaki, beige or bush green. A good guideline is two of everything: socks, underwear,…

What do you need to know about malaria?

There is a risk of catching malaria in Africa. It is highly recommended to ask your doctor’s advice about anti-Malaria drugs before leaving your country. If you take anti malaria drugs – your chances of getting it are slim. Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and, as the insects are most active at night, it is…

Is there internet available in Africa?

Certainly. Most city hotels will have either internet connection in the bedroom, or a business centre where you can spend time online. Most safari lodges and camps offer this facility in the main area if not in the rooms. In some remote areas, however, there maybe no internet.

Do you have an age limit on your safaris?

Every client over the age of 65 is required to submit a medical certificate or self-declaration of medical fitness before the start of the tour (please request this form from your travel consultant). For all Adventure Safaris, there is an age limit of 70 years. For all Lodge Safaris, there is an age limit of…