Why the Green Season is the Best Time to Travel

The green season is the low season for tourism in Southern Africa. It is the time of the annual rains and, depending on the country, takes place during the months of November to March.

The rain is great for the landscape but it means that the wild animals are more difficult to spot in the thick bush. But because it is low season, you can enjoy all the drama of legendary game viewing without crowds of tourists and game vehicles.

We’ve listed a few reasons why the Green Season has appeal for travellers.

green season

Affordable accommodation, rates and specials

The green season is not high season for tourism in Southern Africa. Lodges and guest houses and safari operators are trying to fill beds and seats, which makes travel much more affordable.

    • Look out for Green Season specials
    • Most tour operators are offering lower rates
    • It’s a more intimate and personalised experience at lodges, guest houses and hotels as there are fewer guests around
    • End-of-year holidays means the entire family can enjoy going away

Why the Green Season is the Best Time to Travel 7

Amazing animal sightings

While wildlife is less visible, it doesn’t mean they are non-existent. The Green Season marks the beginning of the wildebeest migration and birthing season where adorable foals, fawns, calves and cubs fill the green plains.

For bird lovers, this is a great time to visit as migrant birds arrive in their thousands. Birds take up a colourful residence, and a loud chirping fills the air.

Why the Green Season is the Best Time to Travel 8

Epic time for photography

The green season offers a dramatic green wonderland. Photographers love the dramatic backdrops for wildlife and nature shots with striking cloud formations and lush, rolling savannahs.

    • Everything is blooming, blossoming and green (hence the season’s name)
    • After the rain, colours appear deeper and richer
    • Clouds provide dramatic shots for sunrises and sunsets

Why the Green Season is the Best Time to Travel 9

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