Good Bye Avril – Addo Elephant Park 1

Good Bye Avril – Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Source: SABC News

Addo’s oldest matriarch elephant “AVRIL” has died at the ripe old age of 62, sparking a succession battle. Avril died of natural causes on Sunday in the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape. This great leader leaves behind a herd that learnt many things from her. She was strict yet fair, and ran a tight ship.

An official at Addo Elephant Park, Lucas Potgieter, says whenever Avril moved the rest of the herd moved with her, where she went they followed. There was never fighting or arguing in the herd. It was Avril in front and the rest would follow her.

The Grand Dame was much loved and will be sorely missed. Potgieter, says everybody and the elephants came in huge numbers, to say goodbye and many tears were shed by the staff witnessing the scene.

Now a succession battle for leadership of the 100 strong herd is looming in the park. The two contenders for leadership of the herd are Avril’s sisters, Des and Key-Hole, the sister with the best leadership qualities and the strongest character is likely to emerge as the new leader of the herd.

If neither sister is stronger than the other, the herd could split in two, with each taking control of a smaller herd. This will not be ideal as larger herds make for greater tourist attractions. But whatever the outcome, Avril’s legacy will live on.

Source: SABC News

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