Our Junior Online Marketing Manager climbs the Drakensberg Mountains

When he’s not on Facebook or playing around on the internet, Gareth lives a fairly normal life with his wife out in the suburbs of Cape Town. His best friend Devon Van Breda is in a similar boat, living a fairly normal life as a doctor in the KwaZulu-Natal country side. But both of them have a lust for adventure and a few weeks ago, they combined this misguided anxiety on the Drakensberg Mountains… and they filmed it!

After watching this video we realised it could be shared on our Jenman Blog, not just because it’s funny, but because it shows what not to do on a tour. Like nearly getting bitten by a snake is something you try avoid, but somehow these guys kept hiking through the snake infested area (Not very bright)! Click the video below to see Bear Grylls impersonations, Lion King Re-enactments, the whitest guy in Africa and of course, the incredibly beautiful Drakensberg Mountains.

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