Where have all the Elephants gone?

An elephant family at the water hole

In Dar Es Saalaam, Tanzanie, a deal was discussed – ivory buyers from Asia talking to two black-market ivory traders – finding out the quality of the ivory, the inventory, reliability …  After the questions have been answered, they all head to a secret destination to view some of the sample stock. This is a deal that is done daily in one of the world’s biggest ivory thoroughfares. Only, this time they are all about to be exposed…

Foreign Correspondent’s Eric Campbell and the world’s top wildlife ranger, Australian Sean Willmore are exposing a sickening, destructive and booming trade that’s sending Africa’s Elephant on a tearaway ride to extinction.

An elephant taking a walk

It’s absolutely a war. It’s an untold war.” SEAN WILLMORE, RANGER

In Tanzania it’s estimated more than 60 elephants are being killed every day, the ivory from the tusks spirited through corrupt channels out of Dar es Salaam and off to markets in Asia. The biggest and most lucrative is in China.

In the last five years the demand for ivory has just exploded. They’re getting ivory from Africa into containers, into international waters and into Hong Kong and (mainland) China. It’s well organised. Syndicates with billions of dollars. It’s just like cocaine and heroin, so how do you fight them?” PRATIK PATEL – CONSERVATIONISTS AND SAFARI LEADER

I think elephants could disappear in the next 20 years. It’s a terrible thing. But it’s up to the international community to do something about it isn’t it?” DAME DAPHNE SHELDRICK

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