Thinking about taking a Safari? – Part 1

Lioness in the Kruger National Park

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Thinking about taking a safari? If you live in S.A. there is no excuse not to get out there and go!! For those of us with friends overseas, we know that taking a safari in Africa is, for some, a-once-in-a-lifetime experience – something people dream about for years before doing it. So for us, with Africa just outside our doorstep, we need to take every opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the things we have easy access to!
So here are a few nuggets to get you thinking about your next trip out into the wild…..

The lush oasis of the Okavango Delta

Le Botswana
Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, Le Botswana is known to be hot and dry (with the exception of the lush oasis of the Delta d'Okavango). Interesting fact: Diamonds were “discovered” in Botswana, shortly after independence – and now diamonds make up over 75% of all exports. Largely off-the-beaten track, Botswana is a haven for wildlife – and although teeming with elephants, the national animal is….. The Zebra!
Best Game Viewing Months for Le Botswana Safaris: Of the four main parks in Botswana, we suggest:
Parc national de Chobe safari game viewing is fair from November to April, good in May, June and October and excellent from July to September.

Moremi game reserve is fair for game viewing from November to April, good in May and June and excellent from July to October.

In the Delta d'Okavango game viewing is fair from January to April, good from October to December and excellent from May to September.

In the last of the four parks – Savuti, game viewing is fair from November to February, good from March to June and excellent from July to September.


Becks footprints on the hot sands

Unique history, interesting towns, beautiful deserts, and the Himba tribe are some of the many reasons to visit Namibie. The sandy city of Swakopmund, Namibie has some of the prettiest and best-preserved colonial buildings on the African continent. Home to Africa’s tallest elephants and the endangered black rhino, Namibia also has the largest free-roaming cheetah population in the world, estimated at about 2,500.
Best game viewing months in Namibie:
Namibia offers wonderful safari game viewing throughout the year, due to very little rainfall throughout the year. The heat of the main summer months is extreme but at least it has minimal humidity in the months of December to February. Namibia’s main national park is Parc national d'Etosha, Namibie, offering fair game viewing from November to May, good game viewing in June and July and excellent game viewing in August and September.

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