The dangers of Table Mountain… don’t fall! 1

The dangers of Table Mountain… don’t fall!

 Table Mountain DangersRecently, it was reported that a man fell to his death near the cable car station on the top of Table Mountain. According to sources he was sitting on a rock near the cable car station and had some sort of seizure… causing him to fall. Apparently, he did not fall far BUT as he was climbing up he had another seizure causing him to lose his balance and fall to his death!  He was found on the Upper Africa Ledge which means that he fell approximately 70m! It is believed that he was a visitor to La Montagne de la Table and not a hiker/climber.
Just before this happened there was another accident – on the Chapman’s Peak side of the mountain. A male hiker had slipped and fallen down Chapman’s Peak – he was seriously injured but was stabilised and transported to a hospital near by. He is recovering now.

 Table Mountain DangersAbout a week before this happened a Dutch woman fell to her death after arriving in Le Cap, Afrique du Sud only the day before. She was hiking on the extreme India Venster trail with a friend of hers. Both of them fell, but her friend was not seriously injured. This route has never been recommended to beginners before and it has claimed a few hikers in the past.

La Montagne de la Table is a world renowned tourist attraction and is also the highlight for our newly launched Hoerikwaggo website… We always recommend that on any trail you take or any path that you go on that you should go with an experienced La Montagne de la Table / Hoerikwaggo Guide – they know the area and can keep you in the safe. Also, if you do fall or are injured they are equipped to deal with an emergency and have direct communication to rescue services…. Something like this becomes priceless if the above occurs!

Written by: Lisa Ronaasen (Web-Editor Jenman Safaris)

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