The Bulawayo Club – Historial club re-opens!

Bulawayo Club re-opensThe reopening of the newly refurbished Bulawayo Club is a milestone event in the revitalization of the Tourism Industry here in Bulawayo, the City of Kings, and in Zimbabwe as a whole.  It reflects the continuing confidence of the directors and management of the Bulawayo-based firm, the Amalinda Collection. Witnessing the gradual decline and possible demise of this historical landmark the firm took to heart the national policy of partnerships and have welded together a sound business that combines both private sector zeal and the interests of the members of this august institution. Through this they have saved for future generations one of the key historical clubs in Zimbabwe.

Founded in 1895, the Bulawayo Club started in a prefabricated structure on the corner of 6th and Main Streets. It later moved to the corner of Main and 8th Streets where its rambling single story building dominated the Bulawayo social and political scene for several decades before being replaced by the current structure in 1935. Its neo-classical style is characteristic of the period, white walls, pillars and verandas set off with a prominent red clay tile roof.  It is typical of the colonial architecture period; a style developed in Imperial India but which has elements of classical Rome. What is remarkable about this building is that it is more or less still intact.  The same cannot be said of many contemporary buildings both in Bulawayo and nationally. The Amalinda Collection have done a fantastic job in restoring the building, its fittings and its period ambiance.

Bulawayo Club re-opensThe Bulawayo Club has been, and we hope will continue to be, at the heart of the City. Here members of the town’s business and public sectors often come together. It is surely no chance that sees its close association with important community structures such as the Bulawayo Public Library, the High Court and the former National Museum now occupied by ZIMRA. The Club is unquestionably the best location for business in Bulawayo, be it accommodation for those out of town, meetings, or simply socialising and forging forward in developing business opportunities in this town.

It is also ideally located for the tourist who visits Bulawayo. It is an institution that cannot be matched by any other hotel in the City and for this reason alone the Amalinda Collection are confident that it will be a success. Tying it in with other developments in the region, both lodges and organised heritage tours, the Amalinda Collection are showing their confidence in our country and the huge potential that our tourism sector offers.  The firm is to be congratulated in driving this revival in this region at a time when many other players are unnecessarily hesitant.

In taking over the management of the Bulawayo Club the Amalinda Collection aspire to bring a touch of style and tradition to all who visit this institution, be they guests or members. Not that there is a romantic harking back to the past, rather there is a combined looking forward to the future and celebration of our combined and unique heritage. This venue will undoubtedly be the hub of renewal in Bulawayo.

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Source: The Bulaway Club
Written By: Rob Burrett

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