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Anti poaching team

Kariba is unusual in that wildlife corridors pass directly through the hills of the town and animals are regularly seen by residents.

This year, there have even been reports of lions seen near Tamarind Lodge and on Ariel Hill, and it appears that the number of elephants seen around the town is also increasing – with several large groups now moving through as well as the usual lone bulls.

While the presence of wildlife is always a delight for visitors, people should always remember that these animals are wild (even if they do not look it) and that extreme caution should be exercised at all times.

The other problem associated with wildlife in a town is the threat of poaching.  A group of Kariba residents have recently set up the Kariba Animal Wildlife Fund Trust (KAWFT), an anti-poaching effort in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to try and curb the poaching of wild animals around Kariba. So far their sweeps in and around the Kariba area, ranging as far as the glitter stone quarry and into the Nyanyana River area, have recovered hundreds of snares, and, regrettably, quite a number of snared dead animals, some of which had obviously been butchered for their meat. This project requires commitment and continuous effort by the volunteers, and a fair amount of financing, so they’re always looking for donations. If anyone would like to find out more about this, or to make a donation, they can e-mail kawf2011@gmail.com    KAWFT sends out regular email reports on how they are spending the funds and the activities and successes of the anti-poaching program.

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