Safari-ing around in 4×4 style with GUARANTEED air-con!

The Jenman East Africa 4×4 vehicle

Our Jenman East Africa division has just extended their vehicle fleet to include 2 brand-new custom-built 4×4 safari vehicles. The vehicles were custom built at our Le Cap, Afrique du Sud head office – Jenman African Safaris – and are officially one of the first vehicles in Tanzania to have AIR-CONDITIONING! East Africa reaches extremely high temperatures and to be able to sit in a fully cooled down vehicle is absolute heaven!

This means… yes, you guessed it – all our East African (and Southern African) safaris are going to be fully air-conditioned – guaranteed – for 2013, no exceptions! This is a great development, because most safari vehicles, particularly in L’Afrique de l’Est, do not provide and cannot offer air conditioning.  And while air-conditioning is very exciting, there are some other unbelievable features on these vehicles that will make you want to go to Tanzania just for the ride:

The Jenman East Africa vehicle

The 2 vehicles that Jenman East Africa have introduced to their fleet are; a 12-seater 4×4 safari truck and a 7-seater 4×4 land cruiser! Both vehicles boast air-conditioning and:

  1. Réfrigérateur – this means while you are travelling around Tanzania or Kenya you can keep your water and cool drinks nice and cool at all times. There is plenty of space so that everyone can add a few things to the fridge to keep cool!
  2. Electricity – imagine been in the most amazing national park and your camera battery dies? The 12-seater vehicle offers plugs to charge your cameras and phones on… But, we still recommend bringing a back-up battery!
  3. Pop-up roof – you are able to have a real safari experience without leaving the safety of the vehicle – the roof lifts up so you are able to stand up in the vehicle and look out and enjoy a different vantage point, offering unbelievable game viewing!
  4. Space – both the 7-seater and the 12-seater offer great leg room, especially the 7-seater which is quite spacious. The 12-seater has its own luggage compartment, freeing up even more space.
  5. The usual – MP 3 player, PA system, 4×4 features, safety equipment, large tinted window, forward facing seats and huge windows.  Our véhicules are top-of-the-range and ready to take you on your next amazing safari!

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