Meet Dexter, One of Jenman African Safaris’ Trusted Guides

As part of our series on introducing our wonderful guides to you we would like you to meet Dexter who recently had this glowing praise from a guest:

“One of the best parts of the trip was our guide, Dexter. I was VERY LUCKY to have Dexter lead our 10-day trip. He is super knowledgeable about the land, current affairs, people, and of course, animals. Dexter is extremely patient and happy, he gives off the best positive energy (even though we asked him a million questions and had him repeat facts and times constantly) and it was a total pleasure to spend time with him. If you are lucky enough to get Dexter, your trip will be 100 times better.”

We’ve asked him a few questions for you to get to know him better…

Where are you from?
I am from Zimbabwe but have been living in Cape Town for the past 9 years.

How long have you been a guide?
I have been guiding for 8 years now.

How long have you been working for Jenman?
I have been with Jenman African Safaris for 4 years now.

Why did you decide to be a guide?
I am passionate about nature, culture and conservation. I like to show people Africa and allow people to enjoy and be aware of the beauty that we have.

What’s your favourite part about the job?
Meeting new people and putting a smile on everyone’s face, as well as creating an unforgettable experience and impression of Africa.

Do you have a funny or interesting story that happened while you were working?
Yes, a client recently asked me to do something about the wind that was making her not sleep properly when we were camping at Tsitsikamma. We all had a laugh about it the day after and the client always reminds me of it.

What’s your favourite animal?
The elephant, such a calm and innocent creature, a true mark of Africa.


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