Lions have a field day in Mana Pools!

mana pools
Spot animals at Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Source: Wild Zambezi Newsletter

Sizzling hot temperatures this safari season have dried up water sources in the Zambezi hinterland and have brought thousands of thirsty animals down to the river at Mana Pools.

By October, the density of wildlife in the “floodplain” area next to the Zambezi River had resulted in every single blade of grass being eaten to dust level.

With no welcome relief in the form of early rains, the grazing animals like buffalo, zebra and waterbuck  are tired and hungry and make easy pickings for the predators who hang about behind the herds as they move to the river to drink.  The result is a killing field.

Report: the “Nyamepi” lion pride killing four buffalo and three waterbuck in ONE October night in front of the Mana Pools camp at Mucheni.   “The lions could hardly move they had gorged themselves on a so much meat” said one of their guests.  “They simply moved from one kill to the next, abandoning the barely-touched carcasses to the vultures, and not even bothering to defend them”.

Although a sad and sorry situation for the animals, this made for incredible early morning wildlife sightings.  Unusually, the hyaenas had not plundered the kills during the night and a guide, Gus Alexander, was able to walk his clients right in to the abandoned buffalo carcasses  – not usually possible under normal circumstances – and to provide some incredible photographic opportunities of lions doing what lions do best….. lying around in the shade looking bloated.

“By 8a.m. the October sun was already too hot for comfort. We were able to do a couple of hours of game viewing by vehicle, but by mid-morning we retired to our camp, to a welcome cold drink and a shower followed by brunch.  We then lay around in the shade much like the lions for the rest of the day, until it was cool enough to get active again”.

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Lions have a field day in Mana Pools! 7 Lions have a field day in Mana Pools! 8Lions have a field day in Mana Pools! 9 Delicious

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