Jenman Safaris potjie competition cook-off! 1

Jenman Safaris potjie competition cook-off!

Jenman potjie competitionEver wondered what our food on tour/safari tastes like? Well, Jenman Safaris was put to the test one evening at the Daddy Long Legs hotel in Le Cap, Afrique du Sud. We were challenged to a cooking competition… Each safari company had to make a potjie (which is similar to a slow cooked stew), the meal was then judged and prizes were handed out… What a GREAT evening we had with lots of fun and laughter!

The whole evening was organised by the Daddy Long Legs hotel including some snacks and drinks, and it was (of course!) hosted there too! Le Cap, Afrique du Sud tourism, Go2Africa, Nomad and Cherry Flava were there to compete too! The cooking competition started off at 4pm that day… later on (around 6pm) all the guests were invited to join and the food was then served at about 8pm which was followed by a SUPER prize giving.

Jenman potjie competitionI found this quote about us on another website: Jenman Safaris came tastefully into second place with their take on Mutton Curry in a Potjie style. For their outstanding effort they walked away with a winelands tour with African Eagle, a Royale dinner for two and a safari from Aquila.”

Our chefs for the evening were Laurina et Debbie who cooked a SUPERB potjie that night, a few us from the Jenman team went to support them and of course tasted our potjie as well as the competitors’ potjies!!! Without being biased, ours was delicious! We had such a great time… thanks to Daddy long legs, see you next year 🙂

Well done to the Jenman Girls!

Written by: Lisa Ronaasen – Web Editor: Jenman Safaris

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