Jenman African Safaris Staff takes some time out and relaxes at Yoga…….. Zzzz!

Jenman African Safaris Staff takes some time out and relaxes at Yoga…….. Zzzz! 6As most of us have heard yoga is great for the body, mind and soul… Sounds like a Red-Bull Advert! But as the year is near the end… and the stress levels are calming down… A few of us at the Jenman African Safaris office have taken up Yoga – courtesy of our boss! Somewhere upstairs (where HR and our boss work…) they decided to offer us (downstairs people) the chance to relax and stretch out our bodies by doing yoga in the boardroom once a week during our lunch break! As you can imagine the whole office was ‘buzzing’ with excitement. Everyone wanted to do yoga – well all the girls that is! But with limited space in the boardroom only a few of us where selected….

We all put on our comfortable clothes and made our way to the boardroom on a Thursday at lunch time. Shoes had to be left at the door and we had to be semi-quiet. Here we met our (super) Yoga teacher who was going to show us how to do all the Yoga positions and all the relaxing breathing techniques. A few of us had already done yoga before – one of the Jenman Safaris staff members even had a mat! But there where a few of us that had no idea what yoga was all about and thought that it was just about breathing coupled with minimal stretches! WELL WELL we were in for a surprise!!!

We all entered the boardroom and selected a mat to do our session on – we were using the Jenman camping mats for yoga mats….! These Camping mats are the ones that are used for our Jenman African Safaris camping trips… and let me tell you… they are very comfortable with great support! We all found our way to one of these safari camping mats and sat done. Most people, for the obvious reason, wanted to be in the back row – less embarrassing there!

Jenman African Safaris Staff takes some time out and relaxes at Yoga…….. Zzzz! 7As soon as the 1st session begins – Murphy’s Law will have it… our new 2009 African safari brochures arrives (which I was eagerly awaiting)! I mean, the one hour of the day I do yoga and they deliver them then! Since it was a HUGE delivery I knew that I would take them longer then an hour to unpack the boxes… so I relaxed and decided to deal with it afterwards….

We started off with some breathing exercises and then moved along to some stretches and balancing positions. We also did some partner exercise’s which meant that we partnered up with someone and got to push them and poke them around! That proved to be fun for those that were dishing out the pain. After the stretches where done our yoga teacher taught us a serious of moves called ‘Salute the Sun’ which includes stretches, lunges, bends, moves… And for some of us it required us to use muscles that we hadn’t used for a long time.

After our “work-out” (And, Yes it was rather strenuous) we did some relaxing exercises and some breathing exercises! We listened to the soothing music as we let our muscles relax and our mind concentrate on our own breathing and not the busy sounds outside. We all become very quiet and calm… listening to the comforting music and the words of our yoga teacher. Then before we knew it our 1 hour yoga session was over… We all went to our offices more relaxed and a lot calmer then when we had left. I then went to look at our lovely 2009 brochures with a smile on my face. Nothing could phase me that day…

We have had a few yoga sessions since that day and each time it works new muscles and areas of our bodies. But I can speak on behalf of everyone in our class when I say that we all absolutely love it! And thanks to our boss!

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