In Pictures: Our Top 7 Favourite Instagram Photographers

Recently, we started our Instagram account to showcase our exquisite tour and travel photos. Sarah Duff, travel blogger and photographer, was one of the first photographers to showcase her skills on our platform. But we’ve fallen in love with many Instagram photographers who captured a piece of our African continent. Here are our Top 7 Instagrammers in no particular order. Which is your favourite?

1. @morkelerasmus

Why we love his pictures: This Instagrammer describes themselves as a nature photographer, musician and also offers safaris. We also love his pictures of baby animals!

2. @Karengautet

Why we love her pictures: If you’re after an authentic account, this is your girl! She’s a self-confessed lover of travelling, wildlife photography… and she only posts her own pictures.

3. @lauradyerphotography

Why we love her pictures: South African wildlife photographer Laura Dyer is an exceptional professional photographers who is currently in London. We especially love her images of free-roaming big cats!


4. @riccig_wildlifephotography (South African photographer with focus on African wildlife)

Why we love his pictures:  Okay, we admit it – Ricci Goldstein’s photos are like icecream on a hot summer’s day. He’s a true South African and also hosts photography safaris.

-Banded Mongoose- We were lucky to find this social pack on our recent trip to the Pilanesberg. I was reading up on these fascinating guys i came across a really interesting fact. At around 4 weeks old pups start to accompany adults on short afternoon foraging trips, and by 5 weeks the pups leave the den in the morning with the rest of the group. Typically, each pup closely follows an ‘escort’ (usually an adult),This “buddy system” between pups and adults are continuous, with the same pup following the same adult each day, from emergence until independence (at around 90 days). The pup is responsible for maintaining the association, by following and defending its “buddy” against approaches from other pups. Adults actively care for pups by contacting, carrying, grooming, playing with, and feeding pups. Adults feed pups by dropping, or leaving whole or partial prey items. Adults also defend pups against potential predators and pups often shelter under the belly of their escort when frightened or threatened. The closer a pup associates with an “buddy” the higher is the pup’s likelihood of survival. #wildlife_perfection #wildeyesa #natureelite #awe_inspiringshots #wonderful_places @Southafrica #thisissouthafrica #natures_hub #phototag_it #ourlonelyplanet @wildlifeplanet #ig_exquisite @southafricaza #southafricaza #sunset_madness_ #behindthescenes #photoshoot #canon #bts #toronto #sabisands #kruger #vulture #bird #pilanesberg

A photo posted by Ricci Goldstein(Nature Boy) (@riccig_wildlifephotography) on

5. @shannon__wild (Adventurous Australian in Africa with own YouTube channel)

Why we love her pictures: This Australian has ventured into Africa – and we like what we see! She’s an adventurous soul with her own YouTube channel that’s worth checking out.

6. @margotraggettphotography (Founder of elephant protection project)

Why we love her pictures: Margot Raggett is a wildlife photographer and protector – and has even founded an organisation that helps elephants.

Morning Patrol, Maasai Mara #wildlifephotography #lion #simba #bigcatsofinstagram

A photo posted by Wildlife By Margot Raggett (@margotraggettphotography) on


7. @travellingduff (Travel writer)

Why we love her pictures: Sarah Duff is a writer, blogger and amazing photographer. Follow her travels through Africa and Asia – and beware you don’t get too jealous of all her exciting adventures.

@tatjanabuisson communing with the penguins

A photo posted by Sarah Duff (@travellingduff) on


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