How Guided Group tours hit that safari sweet spot

Our guided group tours are expertly designed for travellers who want to see the highlights of a country, or even multiple countries, with a group of like-minded people. Because they leave on set departure dates, these safaris are designed to make the most of the ideal game-viewing seasons and have the added benefit of often being much more affordable than a tailor-made tour. Of course, they are led by an expert guide who brings his or her superior knowledge, unique know-how, and charm along to make sure that the trip is like no other. Jenman African Safaris have been offering guided group tours in Africa for 21 years and our experience and constant striving to be the best tour operator means we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to providing an unforgettable safari holiday.

How Guided Group tours hit that safari sweet spot 1
Portrait of big lion crossing the road at Masai Mara National Reserve, tourist’s jeeps on background

Africa is a unique destination with unique circumstances and requirements. Preparing for a trip to any of its countries can require quite a bit more planning and research than say Europe or Southeast Asia, but as African experts we are able to provide a perfectly curated experience that is built on years of good relationships with our suppliers and vendors and a constant assessment of what works and what doesn’t.

Besides the ultimate convenience of a guided group tour, where everything is arranged for our guests by expert hands, travellers have the opportunity to connect with other guests and have stimulating interactions while on their holiday. Guests already have something in common with their fellow travellers, a desire to discover the beauty of Africa and a love for nature and wildlife. This shared special interest is able to inspire meaningful conversations (around the fire at night) and build connections that can often last a lifetime. As much as couples and families enjoy their time together on holiday they do sometimes need a bit of a break from each other to keep the peace. A guided group tour is the perfect solution as guests can interact with each other as much or as little as they please while benefiting from the advantage of excellent value for money a guided group tour provides.

The saying that there’s safety in numbers can provide a sense of comfort in the vast open spaces of Africa. Guests on a guided group tour won’t ever have to deal with a broken down car in the middle of the Namibian desert with nightime fast approaching, water supplies running low and no idea of when the next car might come by and whether those people will be able to help them. Or lost in the bush, not sure whether they’re their holding their map upside down or the road they were following has been washed away by a flash flood. Of course the driver and the guide know the route like the back of their hands and there’s no chance of getting lost regardless of whether there’s cellphone signal or not.

How Guided Group tours hit that safari sweet spot 2
African penguin along the shoreline of Boulder’s Beach near Cape Town South Africa.

Tours like World in One Country or our Intimate Botswana and Zimbabwe Encounter are just 2 excellent examples of the many guided group tours that we offer and they are a wonderful way for travellers to experience their first taste of Africa with the unique value and benefits of a guided group experience that we at Jenman African Safaris provide.



Tours Similaires


Intimate Botswana and Zimbabwe Encounter

A partir de : $ 4,480.00 par personne

Le Botswana et le Zimbabwe, qui comptent parmi les plus beaux animaux sauvages du monde, sont des partenaires parfaits pour un safari. Profitez de l’expertise et de la connaissance de nos guides des deux pays, et partez à la découverte de deux des pays les plus énigmatiques de l’Afrique australe avec leurs chiens sauvage en voie de disparition, le suivi des rhinocéros, les emblématiques chutes Victoria et, entre autres, un voyage traditionnel en canoë.

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World in One Country 3

World in One Country

A partir de : $ 3,180.00 par personne

Explorez le meilleur de l'Afrique du Sud en un tour. Découvrez la faune fascinante du célèbre parc Kruger National Parc, les paysages à couper le souffle dans les montagnes du drakensberg et le long de la Garden Route, et témoignez des différentes cultures et histoire dans des villes telles que Cape Town

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Elephant and Impala, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Northern Experience Fly-In Safari (21 Days)

A partir de : $ 4,685.00 par personne

Faites l’expérience d’une multitude de points forts et merveilles de l’Afrique sub-saharienne dans l’Expérience Nordique Option Fly-in, où après avoir passer quelques jours à profiter de la vibrante ville du Cap, vous êtes transférés via un vol intérieur directement à Walvis Bay. Précédent la traversé en voiture des montagnes du Cedarberg et les vastes paysages du Namaqualand mais en profitant d’un meilleur confort avec une vue aérienne spectaculaire de la côte ouest. A partir de là, continuez avec le reste de l’itinéraire classique de L’Expérience Nordique pour le reste du voyage, qui les fameuses dunes à Sossusvlei, une vie sauvage à couper le souffle dans le Delta de l’Okavango et le Parc National de Chobe, et les magnifique Chutes Victoria.

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