My Top 10 Highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe

top 10 highlights

Just before my trip while I was packing my bags, I got this familiar feeling of butterflies in my tummy. I was preparing for my long journey ahead through Le Botswana to Zimbabwe for the next 16 days.

So off I went and joined the Jenman tour called the Botswana Untouched, as I waited in anticipation for that highlight of my trip that I knew would make my whole trip worth it.

Little did I know I would enjoy so many things on my trip. I just have to share this with everyone.

Highlight 1: Marakele au sanctuaire de rhino de khama, Botswana
As we made our way from Johannesbourg, Afrique du Sud to Serowe within 3 days, we visited the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. I truly found peace in my heart for the Rhino’s. I didn’t realize how strong I felt about the rhinos and the protection of rhinos until I came here and saw them healthy, and in their own space. Our group sat in that vehicle in awe to witness the peace and the protected environment the rhino’s are in.

top 10 highlights
Rhino’s grazing

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5 ‘Manly’ things to do in Southern Africa

5 ‘Manly’ things to do in Southern Africa 2

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than planning an adventure with your friends, and yes there is more out there to be explored than just sharing some beers around the braai stand and watching sport. Southern Africa offers a lot of exciting options when it comes to some good old fun and adventure from quad biking in Namibie to taking a road trip, why not try some of these exciting excursions for your next adventure:

southern africa
Randonnée pédestre

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chundu island

Chundu Island! …Actually I can stop writing again because with these two words I’ve said it all. Now I have to share my experience of the day otherwise I cannot finish writing…
‘I HAVE CAUGHT A FISH!!!’ (I say this with a big smile on my face while waving my hands). I would like to repeat it again yes ‘ME’, who does not even know how to reel in or cast out a fishing line. After countless times trying to catch a fish and people laughing at me the previous day, I finally caught a fish today and it wasn’t a goldfish… I have caught a big Tiger fish weighing 3kg’s with huge teeth! I am so proud of myself and of course, I have a picture for you. Otherwise no one would ever believe me.

chundu island
Maria with a tiger fish


Into the Wild


It was 6 o’clock in the morning; and I reached for my clothing and put them on. In the truest sense of the word I smacked some make-up onto my face and of I went to check the accommodation and do some game viewing (believe me, if it hadn’t been necessary for me to make an effort and look good for the accommodation inspections, I would have jumped into the safari vehicle in my pajamas). We did the first site inspection and within the first 30 km I had taken off half of my clothes – it wasn’t that cold as I expected. The thing is, here in the Parc national Hwange, Zimbabwe area it is really freezing at night where temperatures are known to drop to zero or even minus ten degrees. But this morning it was indeed a bit cloudy and therefore the temperature was quite mild. On the way to our lodge we saw wild dogs, which was the first time for me as I had never seen some before and had only heard some scary stories about them.

Wild dogs

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Welcome to MOSI-OA-TUNYA – the Southern Skies Tour.


I’ve decided to begin my blog with the title MOSI-OA-TUNYA (The smoke that thunders), because not only was it the highlight of my trip, but it symbolises everything I experienced on the Southern Skies tour. While I knew my itinerary and what each day had in store, I had no idea what would happen at each of those events. It was like a cloud of smoke that, when cleared, showed a majestic experience. And, let me tell, you Africa is one majestic place.

Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe

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Of Beaches and Bush

best of both worlds

When it comes to our day and age, we’re often forced to choose between two things, usually at an expense of our own. Quality time with family becomes a rare luxury as a result of the highly pressurised corporate world, and we’re made to feel guilty that we aren’t chained to our desks whenever we take a much-needed break. Even when we do decide to take a vacation, we find ourselves limited by the pressures of time and travel. Luckily, with the Safari and Sands Package from Jenman African Safaris, you and your family can enjoy the best of both worlds, packed perfectly into a 7-day break away from the stress and strain of modern-day living.

best of both worlds

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Harare International Carnival

harare international carnival

Zimbabwe is getting ready to host its’ annual Harare International Carnival this month from 16th – 25th May with a record 23 countries expected to participate in this year’s carnival. The carnival created by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) is a week-long event aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. Harare is a beautiful city and is also the cultural capital of Zimbabwe with a variety of high profile cultural activities that take place each year.

harare international carnival
Performers in the street

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Trace the Footfalls of History

great zimbabwe ruins

People travel for a variety of reasons, but few reasons are more noble or intriguing than the urge to trace the years of history and walk through worlds now lost to us. With a history tracing back to the 11th Century, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are a destination as radiant in historical standing as they are impressive. Built entirely from rectangular granite stones placed carefully on top of one another, the structures of the Ruins have lasted over seven centuries without mortar or regular maintenance to keep them standing.

great zimbabwe ruins
Ruins of Zimbabwe


The Ruins are so fascinating because…

Spread across a stretch of beautiful Zimbabwean landscape, the Zimbabwe Ruins are revered to hold the key to the mystery of the Ancient African civilisation of the Shona cattlemen. Due to the impressive proportions of the Ruins, as well as the proliferation of ancient iron tools, ceramics, gold, carvings and pottery that have been found there, it’s unclear whether the Shona people built the Ruins entirely of their own accord, or were influenced in some way by an external force. It is known, however, that this majestic collection of Ruins took around 300 years to build and housed over 10 000 people.

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Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park – Liza explored it all!

Elephant’s at the water hole

I knew that it was going be a hot and humid stay in Zimbabwe, but “oh my word”…. nothing could prepare me for the heat! Despite the humid conditions we had so many amazing game viewing opportunities that with all of the excitement, I forgot about the heat! On our first 3 nights in Zimbabwe, we stayed at “Elephant’s Eye, Hwange”- this was such an amazing experience for me… the lodge is in the middle of the bush making me feel very close to nature… especially watching the elephants come down to the waterhole every evening to cool down and have a drink.

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Fantastic Feedback on our Northern Experience Safari – great guides, vehicles and more…

A mokoro excursion on the Okavango Delta

I took part in a Jenman Safari from Cape Town to Victoria Falls commencing April 7 & concluding on April 28. It was the trip of a lifetime for me, made more special by the intelligence, professionalism and friendliness of the two guides – Charles & Sam.

We were a small group of 7 at the beginning of the safari, comprised of 5 Australians and 2 Germans…

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Northern Experience Safari: heart-warming feedback all the way from Canada!

northern experience
northern experience
Indulge in a Northern Experience Safari

Northern Experience Safari: heart-warming feedback all the way from Canada! 4

To all of you,

I can honestly say that my Jenman Safaris Northern Experience overland tour has been for me a once in a lifetime dream come true! It made me see and discover amazing countries, explore so many breath-taking sites and experience beautiful cultures!

By travelling on a safari 4×4 truck, it allowed me to go to incredible remote places that I wouldn’t have been able to see any other way. Every day was a new adventure which developed in me a sense of curiosity as I looked forward to the daily activities.

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My experience with Jenman Safaris… specifically with Ishmael in Zimbabwe!

Ishmeal sitting on top of the vehicle

Feedback from Cindy Park, Canada:

Four months have passed since I left my travels in Africa yet as I continue to meet with strangers, friends, and colleagues it is through my anecdotes that I still find myself living vicariously through my impressive memories of Zimbabwe and the touching tour experience received.

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Lunar Rainbow’s in Victoria Falls – don’t miss out this year!

victoria falls
victoria falls
Witness the mighty Victoria Falls with a rainbow

Of all the many wonders to take your breath away that Southern Africa has to offer, Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe is perhaps one of the better-known attractions. Situated on the Zambezi River, which acts as the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this waterfall is a truly spectacular sight. The sheer scope of the falls, with a height of 108 meters and an average flow of 1088 cubic meters per second, makes it widely recognised as the largest waterfall in the world.

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Garth always finds a way

Garth Jenman

Garth Jenman, founder of Jenman Safaris, used to travel into Africa during varsity breaks and return with loads of curios which he traded for pocket money.

He never tired of travel and after completion of his studies continued his journeys further afield to Europe and beyond. Upon his return he started a diving school and while this enterprise proved successful during the summer month, his clientele disappeared with the summer sun during the winter. “This was in the early nineties,” remembers Garth, “and before the influx of foreign tourists we have now.” So, in order to supplement his income, Garth would travel to Zimbabwe where he stayed in a friend’s lodge and collected jerseys to peddle back in South Africa.

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World Rhino Day

world rhino day
world rhino day
World Rhino Day celebrations

The shots rang out, incredibly loud and shocking in the still country air, silencing the excited crowd into a moment of hush, before it erupted again into a flurry of loud laughter and relieved roars. We were standing in a dry, dusty football field just outside Numwa School, Imire in Hwedza, on the border of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. A large crowd had gathered to watch an impressive display put on by Zimbabwe’s National Parks’ Anti-Poaching Unit in honour of World Rhino Day… it was poachers versus anti-poaching, the drama complete with a huge life-size model rhino and blank shots, and of course, our heroes in green won the day and everyone was happy.

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Zimbabwe explored – ruins and history to beauty and wonder!

Animal sightings in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe used to be called the bread basket of Africa and people used to come from all over the world to visit… Zimbabwe boasts the spectacular Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe as well as amazing wildlife in the Parc national Hwange, Zimbabwe. Sadly, Zimbabwe has been in the press for all the wrong reasons in the last few years and because of this tourists have mostly stopped going to Zimbabwe.

A few months ago I was guiding a Jenman Safaris tour of 6 clients through Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique and of all the places that the clients loved – Zimbabwe was the favourite!


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Why forego plump pillows and power showers?

Luxury in Zimbabwe
Parc national Hwange, Zimbabwe

Are you looking for a new experience in Africa – one that will allow you all the excitement and ambience of an African safari, yet without having to scrimp on creature comforts?  Many people think you need to camp out in the wild to experience the true wilderness of the African bush.  But that’s not the case at all!  Here are the details of a luxury African Safari in Zimbabwe, which offers everything you’ve ever dreamed about in Africa – incredible wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and diverse cultures, all under the African sun – and luxury accommodation on each day along the way….

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Mana Pools National Park Threatened by Mining

Mana Pools National Park
Mana Pools National Park
Mana Pools National Park
Mana Pools National Park
Tourism in Mana Pools National Park

Le Mana Pools National Park which is known for its vast open spaces and captivating game viewing is under threat because two mining companies believe that the resources in the area are worth more than the destruction it will cause to mine them.

The mining exploration for Heavy Mineral Sands Deposits in Mana Pools and Chewore game reserve in the Zambezi Valley (along the Rukomechi and Chewore Rivers) has created a growing controversy amongst environmental conservationists and tourist authorities worldwide.  The Rukomechi and Chewore Rivers are two major tributaries of the Zambezi River in the Mana Pools National Park and Sapi/Chewore areas, and they are vital to the wildlife and complex eco-system of the Zambezi Valley.

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Tourist cheats death after bungee cord snaps in Victoria Falls leap

Video of a bungee jumping tourist

Source: The Daily Record

A thrill seeking tourist who plunged into the crocodile-infested Zambesi River after her bungee jump cord snapped has told of her miraculous survival.

Erin Langworthy fell into the raging waters at Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe when her bungee jump went horribly wrong as dozens of stunned tourists looked on.

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