My Top 10 Highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe

top 10 highlights

Just before my trip while I was packing my bags, I got this familiar feeling of butterflies in my tummy. I was preparing for my long journey ahead through Le Botswana to Zimbabwe for the next 16 days.

So off I went and joined the Jenman tour called the Botswana Untouched, as I waited in anticipation for that highlight of my trip that I knew would make my whole trip worth it.

Little did I know I would enjoy so many things on my trip. I just have to share this with everyone.

Highlight 1: Marakele au sanctuaire de rhino de khama, Botswana
As we made our way from Johannesbourg, Afrique du Sud to Serowe within 3 days, we visited the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. I truly found peace in my heart for the Rhino’s. I didn’t realize how strong I felt about the rhinos and the protection of rhinos until I came here and saw them healthy, and in their own space. Our group sat in that vehicle in awe to witness the peace and the protected environment the rhino’s are in.

top 10 highlights
Rhino’s grazing

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The Lesser Known Botswana


When people think of Le Botswana, there are a number of things that come to mind. These things include the countries wide open plains that stretch seemingly unending into the distance; or its range of wildlife that hunt, live and breed in the beauty and safety of its national parks; or even the unique opportunity offered to all who visit Le Botswana to immerse themselves into its culture, wildness and diversity.

Hippo popping it’s head out of the water

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3 Botswana meals you have to try

botswana meals

One of the best experiences during travelling is to get to know other cultures, customs and traditions. A good way to start with these experiences is through trying the cuisine of the different countries. Botswana is renown for their rich range of wildlife. But only a minority of people know that the cuisine is exceptionally good and must most certainly be tried. Despite beans and maize, Le Botswana is also “famous” for the high quality of its local beef. Many tourists only eat the upmarket cuisine at the lodges. So why don’t you go beyond the average traveller and try the traditional dishes of Le Botswana?

botswana meals
Botswana dishes

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Trees so big you can live inside them!


The idea of living on the inside of a tree is something that many of us will only ever hear about in fairy tales or fantasy novels. But in Southern Africa and Madagascar there is a tree that grows so large it enables people to do just that. The Boabab tree can grow to 11m in diameter, the length of an average truck, and has been known to reach heights greater than a 10 story building. Definitely big enough to live in!


Malagasy child in Baobab Alley

It’s the tree of life because…

To many African people, it is capable of looking after basic needs. It is hollow on the inside like a cave, allowing people to build rooms within it, the bark is fire resistant, the fruit is rich in Vitamin C and the trunk can store up to 30 000 gallons of water. In recent years, people have been known to host shops and bars in these trees as seen below

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Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park – Liza explored it all!

Elephant’s at the water hole

I knew that it was going be a hot and humid stay in Zimbabwe, but “oh my word”…. nothing could prepare me for the heat! Despite the humid conditions we had so many amazing game viewing opportunities that with all of the excitement, I forgot about the heat! On our first 3 nights in Zimbabwe, we stayed at “Elephant’s Eye, Hwange”- this was such an amazing experience for me… the lodge is in the middle of the bush making me feel very close to nature… especially watching the elephants come down to the waterhole every evening to cool down and have a drink.

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More leopards than humans?! On safari in Botswana with Jenman Safaris.

A cruise on the Chobe River in the Chobe National Park

It was with much excitement that my wife and I decided that the time had come for us to do a three week trip to Le Botswana.  I had been to the Kgalagadi (KTP) as a child and have always wanted to visit the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park (CNP).  Unfortunately, after having made the decision to go, was the same time my frustrations (blood pressure) started to skyrocket.

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Fantastic Feedback on our Northern Experience Safari – great guides, vehicles and more…

A mokoro excursion on the Okavango Delta

I took part in a Jenman Safari from Cape Town to Victoria Falls commencing April 7 & concluding on April 28. It was the trip of a lifetime for me, made more special by the intelligence, professionalism and friendliness of the two guides – Charles & Sam.

We were a small group of 7 at the beginning of the safari, comprised of 5 Australians and 2 Germans…

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Northern Experience Safari: heart-warming feedback all the way from Canada!

northern experience
northern experience
Indulge in a Northern Experience Safari

Northern Experience Safari: heart-warming feedback all the way from Canada! 21

To all of you,

I can honestly say that my Jenman Safaris Northern Experience overland tour has been for me a once in a lifetime dream come true! It made me see and discover amazing countries, explore so many breath-taking sites and experience beautiful cultures!

By travelling on a safari 4×4 truck, it allowed me to go to incredible remote places that I wouldn’t have been able to see any other way. Every day was a new adventure which developed in me a sense of curiosity as I looked forward to the daily activities.

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Garth always finds a way

Garth Jenman

Garth Jenman, founder of Jenman Safaris, used to travel into Africa during varsity breaks and return with loads of curios which he traded for pocket money.

He never tired of travel and after completion of his studies continued his journeys further afield to Europe and beyond. Upon his return he started a diving school and while this enterprise proved successful during the summer month, his clientele disappeared with the summer sun during the winter. “This was in the early nineties,” remembers Garth, “and before the influx of foreign tourists we have now.” So, in order to supplement his income, Garth would travel to Zimbabwe where he stayed in a friend’s lodge and collected jerseys to peddle back in South Africa.

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One Spectacular day on Jenman’s Botswana Lodge Explorer

botswana lodge explorer
botswana lodge explorer
Hippo sighting in Botswana
botswana lodge explorer
Amazing game drive sightings

Working as a guide for Jenman African Safaris for many years now, it is always one of my goals on each trip that my guests see a good amount of wildlife on safari.

Sometimes we are lucky and see many species in one day… other times we only see one or two, and occasionally it’s so quiet that we see nothing, and just have to try again the following day. And then there are those occasions that you see everything and more – those days only come once in a while.


botswana lodge explorer
Leopard on a game drive with Jenman Safaris

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