Big 5 Club

Big Hearts in the Big 5 Club

The Big 5 Club is a project initiated by the Grow Africa Foundation (founded by Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways Africa), where every week a group of Jenman employees volunteer to visit the Rosmead Primary School in Claremont to help the school with its aftercare program. With this project Jenman Safaris wants to give something back to society and especially help Grade R children, most of whom come from lower-income areas and townships, to develop, learn English and become self-confident. As the school receives very little public funding, it is heavily dependent on any kind of help. Jenman Safaris is happy to support with several projects because the school is very close to our hearts.

Big 5 Club

The Jenman employees and interns volunteer weekly to spend time with the children, draw with them, do handicrafts and play games. With the help of these activities, the children are supported in their curriculum, they learn to express themselves and new friendships are made.

One of our foreign interns, Benjamin is working as a professional magician, to support his marketing studies in Austria. He loves to perform magic tricks for the small children every time they visit the school, he produces coins out of their ears or makes things disappear. Most of the children have never seen anything like it before and they love it. Balloon animals are also very popular and the children enjoy playing with their balloon puppies or fighting with balloon swords. It is always beautiful to see that they forget the many worries from their everyday life for a moment, and can briefly enjoy a carefree childhood.

Big 5 Club

At the end of the visit, the children always ask if we will come back next week and of course we will. When we see the laughing faces and the happy eyes of the children, we feel confirmed in our actions every time.

In addition to our weekly visits, we also donated facilities such as a sand pit, painted tyres, sporting equipment and school supplies. Further financing of a Grade R Play Area and a Dining Area is currently planned. If you would like to support us please email us to find out more about our latest projects.

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