5 South African Bucket List Destinations

south african

To say I love to explore and adventure around l'Afrique du Sud is an understatement. It should be a country on everyone’s bucket list as a destination one has to visit at least once in their lifetime just as it was on mine. This country is special and no amount of words can begin to describe the sheer beauty and abundance of amazing attractions one can expect to experience. l'Afrique du Sud has the perfect mix of affordable holidays, natural beauty, good weather, abundant wildlife and can rightly claim the title of being the adventure capital of the world.

Some of my favourite South African destinations that have made my bucket list include…

South African
God’s Window


Cultural Values to Take Note of Before Travelling to Africa

Cultural Values to Take Note of Before Travelling to Africa 1

Often a visit to Africa can be overwhelmingly full of exciting, wonderful and unique things. From its vast landscapes to its bustling metropolises and an array of fauna and flora to see between, a vacation to the African continent can feel like a whirlwind adventure. While there is already a lot to prepare when choosing to embark upon a journey to Africa, it’s important you also take the time to prepare yourself as best you can for the interactions you’re sure to have with the people who call Africa their home. With centuries of tradition behind them, you’ll make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime if you just pay attention to these signs of respect for African people and their cultures.

Introduction 2

The Man Who’s Mum to Gorillas in the DRC


In one of the oldest National Parks in Africa, Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ranger Andre Bauma is taking his responsibilities a step further by caring for orphaned mountain gorillas as if they were his own. One gorilla named Ndakasi is particularly close to the ranger and believes him to be her mother – a role that he, despite his male human form, has adopted with love.

Virunga National Park in DRC

Lose Track of Time Hopping Along Islands

Beaches of Zanzibar

Sometimes the demands of everyday life can leave you feeling run down as you juggle a hundred “top priorities”. With the end of 2014 in sight, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and breathe, as you prepare for the final push towards the calm that 2015 will bring. Despite our best intentions and earnest resolutions, we end up right back where we are now – completely fried and barely keeping our heads above water.
In an effort to empower you to take the well-deserved break that you deserve, we’re taking a look at our latest offering when it comes to adventures on and around the island of Madagascar. So, grab a cup of tea and settle down to have your wanderlust tantalised with our 9-day Madagascar Luxury Island Hopping Package.

Take a break from everyday life and relax.

5 of the Most Romantic Places in Africa

Romantic Couple

When it comes to wooing your sweetheart or planning a romantic experience, we believe that love should not be limited by geography. In fact, finding yourself on a trip somewhere exciting, away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, is even more reason to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and get romantic (obviously we don’t condone actually grabbing bulls by their horns nor getting romantic with them in any way, shape or form). Animals disclaimers stated, it’s time we focus on how you can sweep your significant other off their feet by presenting five of the most romantic places in Africa.


10 Myths about Travel in Africa

Ruaha male lion

Despite living in the 21st Century, there are many myths and misconceptions that remain about travel in Africa. Ranging from the absolutely silly (everyone has a pet lion in their backyard) to the downright bizarre (Africa is an entire country), these myths can create some confusion when those who believe them finally set foot on the continent. In an effort to better prepare you for your future travels to beautiful, mesmerizing Africa, we’re taking a look at 10 of the weirdest myths and misconceptions that people have.

Tourists sitting on the dunes in the Namib dessert

Robinson: The Marooned Baboon


On a non-descript island of mostly vetiveria grass in the middle of the fleuve Zambèze, lives a marooned baboon. Having been there for three years, and in spite of rescue attempts by tourists or the calls of encouragement from his family on the bank sides, the baboon – lovingly referred to as Robinson by the locals – doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


Robinson the marooned baboon
Robinson the marooned baboon

My One Night at the Stanley and Livingstone Lodge

My One Night at the Stanley and Livingstone Lodge 2

Perched atop a hill that borders the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zimbabwe, the Stanley and Livingstone Lodge offers splendid views of the mighty fleuve Zambèze and the spray in the distance of Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe, which is situated only three kilometres away from the Lodge. Set deep within the beauty of unspoilt bush, the Lodge offers a diverse and unique African safari experience, surrounded by the natural wonders found in the 6 000-acre Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe Private Game Reserve.

Stanley & Livingstone Lodge
Stanley & Livingstone Lodge


Cape Town Travel – The haunted houses of Cape Town

Cape Town Travel – The haunted houses of Cape Town 3

There are things to do in Le Cap, Afrique du Sud that you’ll find in many places across the globe. Every now and then, however we like to highlight a little something special, something that is unique to Le Cap, Afrique du Sud and something which others are bound to find exciting.
In this blog we’re looking at the top haunted houses in Le Cap, Afrique du Sud. If you spend a few nights in the Mother City, you might want to check out a few of these places yourself.

haunted houses
Haunted house

Amazing Tanzania Experience – Part 1

Amazing Tanzania Experience – Part 1 4

Cliquez ici for part 2… I was really fortunate to be able to go to sunny Tanzanie in July 2014 on our scheduled tour – Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Explorer while it was cold and raining in Le Cap, Afrique du Sud. I flew from Johannesbourg, Afrique du Sud to Dar Es Salam and Dar Es Salam to Kilimanjaro. On that second flight I was lucky to see the snow-capped of Mount Kilimanjaro from the top which was a really great experience. The moment we landed in Kilimanjaro, the landscape had changed completely to mountain looming over the plains of the savannah. I had a warm welcome from our friendly guide who was on time to pick me up and transfer me to the lodge located in Arusha with our 4×4 Safari vehicle. After a delicious dinner I joined the rest of the group and we had a pre-departure meeting with the operations manager of Jenman East African Safaris. It was necessary and really informative because he prepared us on what we will expect during our safaris trip and taught us few Swahili words such as “Hakuna Matata” which means “No Worries”.

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What’s the best way to spend a workday Friday?

What’s the best way to spend a workday Friday? 5

If the recent Jenman Product and Marketing experience is anything to go by, out of office on a team building event is the definite answer. After running through a host of suggestions and options, all of which fell short for one or other reason, we finally hit on a sure fire winner. The red bus with City Sightseeing!

Our Product and Marketing on a team building day out



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10 things you did not know about Zambia

10 things you did not know about Zambia 6

Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, La Zambie is a legendary landlocked country in southern Africa that delivers travelers to the beauty of the Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe, the tumultuous fleuve Zambèze, an abundance of wildlife, and an unrivaled wilderness that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit it. Not only is it the perfect destination for those who wish to experience the magic of an African safari, but also those who would love to learn more about this land of little known facts.

Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe

We’ve created the best way to view the Mother City in Luxury

We’ve created the best way to view the Mother City in Luxury 7

As one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, let alone the world, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud ought to be at the top of your list when it comes to travel. Our 4-day 5* lodge tour package will allow you to experience all that this incredible destination has to offer, while showcasing one of the finest luxury accommodations that the city has to offer.

mother city
View over Capetown

The Mountains Talk

madagascar mountains

Past clients of Jenman Island Safaris now use their private 18-day trip to Madagascar, coupled with their love for the island, as part of a presentation they give to people who’re interested in learning more about it. Full-to-bursting with fascinating information, it’s a talk that not only offers a unique glimpse into the sights and sounds of the island, but is also guaranteed to inspire wanderlust in absolutely everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. We’re giving you a little glimpse of some of what they talk about, as additional inspiration to get you booking your tour to the truly spectacular island of Madagascar.

madagascar mountains
One of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar


The Heartbeat of Africa is the Beat of a Drum

The Heartbeat of Africa is the Beat of a Drum 8

Drums hold a very special place in African history and culture. For the Western world, drums are mainly relegated to the realm of entertainment, adding another musical dimension to songs and other performances. In Africa, drums hold various symbolic meanings that have played an important part in the history of the people who call the continent their home.

Various patterns on different drums

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Mount Kenya – The Second Highest Mountain in Africa

Mount Kenya - The Second Highest Mountain in Africa 9

Second only on the African continent to the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya registers its height at a staggering 5 199-metres. Perched upon a now extinct volcano, the Mountain has two peaks, which can only be reached by technical climbers, with a third that is accessible for hikers. This third summit is known as Point Lenana and offers nature lovers from around the world the chance to witness a variety of African wildlife that call these slopes their home.

mount kenya
Mount Kenya’s third summit, Point Lenana

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How Creative Africa Can Be

How Creative Africa Can Be 10

It’s no news to anyone that Africa is a beautiful continent filled with amazing people. But many of you may not be aware of how amazing these people really are! Many African countries may not have much, but they make up for this with their creativity. Below is some incredible photos which show just how creative African people can be!

Thank you FunFunky.com for these wonderful pictures

Traveling comfortably is key

Motor bike back seats are quite uncomfortable! Why not take the couch you’re not using and strap that on instead.

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My Top 10 Highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe

top 10 highlights

Just before my trip while I was packing my bags, I got this familiar feeling of butterflies in my tummy. I was preparing for my long journey ahead through Le Botswana to Zimbabwe for the next 16 days.

So off I went and joined the Jenman tour called the Botswana Untouched, as I waited in anticipation for that highlight of my trip that I knew would make my whole trip worth it.

Little did I know I would enjoy so many things on my trip. I just have to share this with everyone.

Highlight 1: Marakele au sanctuaire de rhino de khama, Botswana
As we made our way from Johannesbourg, Afrique du Sud to Serowe within 3 days, we visited the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. I truly found peace in my heart for the Rhino’s. I didn’t realize how strong I felt about the rhinos and the protection of rhinos until I came here and saw them healthy, and in their own space. Our group sat in that vehicle in awe to witness the peace and the protected environment the rhino’s are in.

top 10 highlights
Rhino’s grazing

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Our Junior Online Marketing Manager climbs the Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains

When he’s not on Facebook or playing around on the internet, Gareth lives a fairly normal life with his wife out in the suburbs of Le Cap, Afrique du Sud. His best friend Devon Van Breda is in a similar boat, living a fairly normal life as a doctor in the KwaZulu-Natal country side. But both of them have a lust for adventure and a few weeks ago, they combined this misguided anxiety on the Drakensberg Mountains… and they filmed it!

After watching this video we realised it could be shared on our Jenman Blog, not just because it’s funny, but because it shows what not to do on a tour. Like nearly getting bitten by a snake is something you try avoid, but somehow these guys kept hiking through the snake infested area (Not very bright)! Click the video below to see Bear Grylls impersonations, Lion King Re-enactments, the whitest guy in Africa and of course, the incredibly beautiful Drakensberg Mountains.

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5 ‘Manly’ things to do in Southern Africa

5 ‘Manly’ things to do in Southern Africa 11

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than planning an adventure with your friends, and yes there is more out there to be explored than just sharing some beers around the braai stand and watching sport. Southern Africa offers a lot of exciting options when it comes to some good old fun and adventure from quad biking in Namibie to taking a road trip, why not try some of these exciting excursions for your next adventure:

southern africa
Randonnée pédestre

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Have a Laugh at Culture Shock

culture shock

Culture shock is that disorientated, depressed feeling experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. It can creep up on you at any stage of your holiday and can leave you dreading every minute. When you’ve built up your hopes, dreams and bank account to go on an exotic vacation, the last thing you want is for something to destroy your holiday, and in some cases… your life.

culture shock
Hindu culture

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Ruth’s adventure to Zambia to share and make a difference…


I recently had the privilege of spending a week in Livingstone La Zambie, atop the majestic Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe. I didn’t go for all the reasons people usually go to visit Livingstone – the falls, the sunset cruises and fancy hotels or the crazy adrenaline activities. In fact I wouldn’t really say I went to visit. This adventure, I went to share. I travelled approximately 2500km from my home in Cape Town to share with both local Zambian communities in Livingstone and international and local volunteers, and they shared with me too.

Ruth with friends

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chundu island

Chundu Island! …Actually I can stop writing again because with these two words I’ve said it all. Now I have to share my experience of the day otherwise I cannot finish writing…
‘I HAVE CAUGHT A FISH!!!’ (I say this with a big smile on my face while waving my hands). I would like to repeat it again yes ‘ME’, who does not even know how to reel in or cast out a fishing line. After countless times trying to catch a fish and people laughing at me the previous day, I finally caught a fish today and it wasn’t a goldfish… I have caught a big Tiger fish weighing 3kg’s with huge teeth! I am so proud of myself and of course, I have a picture for you. Otherwise no one would ever believe me.

chundu island
Maria with a tiger fish


Into the Wild


It was 6 o’clock in the morning; and I reached for my clothing and put them on. In the truest sense of the word I smacked some make-up onto my face and of I went to check the accommodation and do some game viewing (believe me, if it hadn’t been necessary for me to make an effort and look good for the accommodation inspections, I would have jumped into the safari vehicle in my pajamas). We did the first site inspection and within the first 30 km I had taken off half of my clothes – it wasn’t that cold as I expected. The thing is, here in the Parc national Hwange, Zimbabwe area it is really freezing at night where temperatures are known to drop to zero or even minus ten degrees. But this morning it was indeed a bit cloudy and therefore the temperature was quite mild. On the way to our lodge we saw wild dogs, which was the first time for me as I had never seen some before and had only heard some scary stories about them.

Wild dogs

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Welcome to MOSI-OA-TUNYA – the Southern Skies Tour.


I’ve decided to begin my blog with the title MOSI-OA-TUNYA (The smoke that thunders), because not only was it the highlight of my trip, but it symbolises everything I experienced on the Southern Skies tour. While I knew my itinerary and what each day had in store, I had no idea what would happen at each of those events. It was like a cloud of smoke that, when cleared, showed a majestic experience. And, let me tell, you Africa is one majestic place.

Chutes Victoria, Zimbabwe

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