Featured Photographer: Lesanne Fowler, Zimbabwe

As a photographer, capturing the beauty of a moment, the essence of an animal or the character of a landscape is no easy feat. It takes time, observation and patience and – of course – passion. We all feel we are photographers these days with the incredible technology available to us, our phones designed to gather experiences. This, to an extent, is absolutely true – the wonder of digital accessories enabling us to catalogue our lives – literally collecting a pocket full of memories.

There is something to be said, however, for a picture taken by a professional; someone with an eye for context, composition and light. Photography is an art, especially when one’s subject is moving upon an ever changing landscape, surrounded by a multitude of variables which will influence the picture. The perfect shot can unveil after hours of observation, anticipating the right moment where nature aligns for a fleeting second, allowing its character to be captured. This is the challenge and the chase for photographers – waiting for the light to change, for the dust to rise or settle, for flowers to bloom or wildlife to arrive. 

Featured Photographer: Lesanne Fowler, Zimbabwe 7

One can literally alphabetize the skills and knowledge necessary to be a professional photographer. Aperture, burst mode, depth of field, exposure, focus, ISO, and the list goes on! There is such fine mastery in achieving the correct balance, it is not always as simple as we may believe with our digital diaries!

In a celebration of Zimbabwe, photography and all things local, Jenman African Safaris would like to recognise and share the photographic talent of Lesanne Fowler. Having been in the field for over 12 years, Lesanne has collected a vast amount of incredible imagery – mostly of her beautiful home; Zimbabwe. With bold and varied terrain, its charm resonating from one side of the country to the other, Lesanne has access to unlimited inspiration. 

Having lived and worked extensively in different areas of the country, her collection is diverse; from city to wildlife, to weddings and landscapes. She has travelled the world taking photographs of different scenery but finds nowhere more beautiful than her home, Zimbabwe. Having spent seven years living in Victoria Falls, with the Zambezi River and Hwange National Park as her backyard, Lesanne’s pictures of these areas emanate a personal connection to the landscape. One cannot spend so much time witnessing the wonders of nature without forming a relationship with its ways. 

Featured Photographer: Lesanne Fowler, Zimbabwe 8

She won ‘Best Photographer in 2019′ from ‘Zimbabwe Top 10’, and has been published in ‘Africa Geographic’, ‘Vogue Russia’, ‘Discover Zimbabwe’, ‘Nzira Magazine’, ‘High Life Magazine’ and various other publications. Although specialising in wedding and lodge interior photography, her passion is the outdoors. 

Her and her family have recently moved to the Eastern Highlands to become farmers. They spend their weekends exploring the magical terrain of the highlands – contrasting in colour and character to the rest of Zimbabwe. Waterfalls, mountain hikes, morning mist and farmlands now fill her SD card, thoroughly enjoying the ‘change of scenery’ for her photos. As you can see, Lesanne has an eye for colour and contrast, capturing the essence of a scene; Zimbabwe, her muse. From Hwange National Park, to the Zambezi River, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools and now with the Eastern Highlands as her playground, Lesanne’s photography truly reflects the beauty of Zimbabwe as a whole. One cannot look at her pictures without wanting to immediately immerse themselves in the scenery presented. 

Featured Photographer: Lesanne Fowler, Zimbabwe 9

Contact us to experience the wonders of Zimbabwe, transporting yourself through Lesanne’s images into an African adventure. As she travels throughout the country collecting small pieces of Africa with her camera, you may do the same – filling your pocket with memories. 

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