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On Tour with Robert

Robert is a German-speaking guide from Zimbabwe who loves touring through Namibia because of the spectacular landscape found there.

A keen fitness fundi, Robert starts every day with a workout. Once he’s looked after his own self-maintenance it’s time for maintenance of the vehicle, making sure everything is in perfect working order.

This all takes place before the guests are even awake. At breakfast, he briefs the clients on their day and when everyone is ready it’s time for a day of magnificent game-viewing in the African bush.

While out in the bush Robert is always on the look-out for that something extra, he loves sharing insightful anecdotes and showing clients interesting things while on safari. Around midday, it’s time to find a good place to have lunch, usually under a tree. Robert prepares and does everything right there in the open much to the amazement of the guests. 

He likes to introduce guests to a traditional African meal of pap (maize meal) and Mopani worms, some guests are a bit apprehensive but most of them enjoy it and even request seconds! He hopes that guests take home wonderful memories of the beauty of the animals and open spaces of Africa, as well as fond memories of his recipes.

In the afternoon guests continue with their game-viewing activities. Robert believes strongly in the need for conservation, as a guide it is not only his livelihood but also as someone with a passion for nature and African wildlife he is deeply invested in ensuring there is a future for it.

It’s a conversation he has with guests but he says the most effective message is when they spot the increasingly rare and endangered rhinos in the wild, this is always a discussion point about how they are at risk of extinction and how their numbers have dwindled over the years due to poaching, and really hammers home the urgency and essentialness of conservation.

After a day of experiencing the wonders of the African bush and a delicious dinner, if the skies are clear it’s perfect for stargazing with Robert’s laser pointer that he uses to describe the myths and legends of the heavenly bodies as well as how they can be used to navigate in the wild – then it’s off to bed to be well rested for another day of adventure!

On Tour with Robert