“Echoes From Africa” – Poem by Valentine


The call of a bird early in the morning
A welcome sign of a new day dawning
A hippo’s call on the open plains
Peoples’ laughter filled with love
Today in Africa I heard life.

A new  born baby in the wild bush
Ready to fight for survival come what may
First steps of uncertainty soon become bold
Waiting for the world to turn and unfold
Today in Africa I saw life

The wide curious eyes of a little boy
Trapped in one world looking to find another
A woman’s smile warm and shy
A man’s stern glare filled with pride
Today in Africa I felt life.

The sunrises and sunset, the wind through the trees
I look for life in moments like these
Strangers meeting, friends at the end.
Thankful for the happy moments we spent.
Today in Africa I knew life.

– Written by Valentine, Jenman Safaris guide

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