Driving over the Sani Pass

Sani Pass
Sani Pass

I had the privilege this year to drive over the Drakensberg mountains via Sani Pass into Lesotho. Amazing! It is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking roads in our beautiful country. The Pass itself is about 20 km long and only after the first 12km do you reach the South African border post… This is where the fun begins! The next 8km of no-mans land needs a four wheel drive…. Where anything can happen and everything can be seen!

You literally “walk” up the mountain, with rocky bits, streams crossing the road and the tightest zig zag turns I have ever encountered (so far!). Once you reach the top you can look back and admire the road you have just conquered.

Also you can appreciate the amazing design of your Toyota Land Cruiser – you really need a great vehicle to tackle those last few km’s. At the very top you finally are able to enter Lesotho – The Kingdom in the Sky – at 2857m above sea level we can understand where they got their name from. We stayed at the Sani top chalet, which looks out over the Sani Pass. That night we were treated to -11 degrees Celsius temperatures, the water froze in the pipes and burst them. During the day temperatures soared to 3 degrees… We travelled on deeper into Lesotho and were rewarded with even more spectacular mountain views. We drove over the highest pass in Southern Africa at 3240m high. Frozen waterfalls were everywhere and the sky was a brilliant blue. The next two days we spent in the Malealea lodge and explored the culture of the Basotho people while drinking in the magic views. I do love this job of mine.

Chantel (one of Jenman Safaris’ favourite guides!)


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