Dreamland is just across the border – Namibia! 1

Dreamland is just across the border – Namibia!

Source: Weekend Argus 18th July 2009
Words and pictures by Brenton Geach

Dreamland NamibiaDreamland is just across the border – Namibia! – Jenman African Safaris In Namibia, you will find endlessly long dirt roads with a scattering of wild animals along the way. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. No robots or people begging on every corner, just friendly locals. And don’t forget to buy a couple of oranges at Citrusdal to sweeten the dusty ride.

The sight of the wild horses cruising down the grassy hills, which glisten and appear almost surreal at sunset, will transport you into dreamland.
At Sossusvlei in the western part, a trip in a hot air balloon will transform the sights below into a fantasy world, with “fairy circles” that resemble a grassy, lunar landscape.

The desert is absolutely still. The only sound to break the silence is that of the hot air gusting above as you glide through the sky. When you head to the dunes at Sossusvlei, remember to go early. You won’t want to get stuck halfway up the highest dune in the world when the sun is baking.

Climb the dune you like – there are plenty to choose from – and when you reach the top you will have a 360° view of this vast, red landscape. If you are lucky, you might come across an Oryx or two cruising across the dune top. We even saw a meteorite shoot past us one evening.

There is no need for music, cellphones or televisions in this magical place.
When I go on holiday, I usually opt for the coast. Yet, I survived the 10-day inland trip despite the absence of water. Next time I will head back to Namibia, but will tour the Skeleton coast, where the desert meets the sea.

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Weekend Argus 18th July 2009
Words and pictures by Brenton Geach

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