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Fish River Canyon - Northern Experience

Dinner at Fish River Canyon

Nothing is better then downloading all your emails and seeing one from a guide with the subject line 'Our dinner at Fish River Canyon'!

Naturally it’s the first one we opened! Blessed, one of our treasured guides, was on our Northern Experience safari when they stopped off at the majestic Fish River Canyon (Namibia) to enjoy a sunset dinner …

The sunset was so amazing and the scenery so breathtaking that he took a picture with his iPhone (therefore picture may seem a bit hazy) and sent it straight through to the office!

Imagine having dinner with that view… Wow… Thanks Blessed for sharing this with us!

Fish River Canyon

Situated in southern Namibia, the Fish River Canyon is over 1000 million years old and is second in size and splendor only to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.A.  Offering you a large Namibia safari area to explore on holiday, the Fish River Canyon is an incredible and immense show of rock valleys along a 100-mile course dominating a large area of Namibia.

According to the San Bushmen (who still inhabit this Namibian area) a serpent named Kouteign Kooru, in an attempt to escape its captors, created the massive curves and turns. However, geologists report that the Fish River Canyon was initially formed by a fracture in the earth’s crust 500 million years ago and that it has deepened and widened more over the years!

This Fish River Canyon drops suddenly along a flat plateau by 1,800ft (550 m) and is, at some points, an astonishing 17 miles (27 km) wide, making this immense area a highlight of Namibia.

Fish River Canyon - Northern Experience

After a rainy season, a stream flows through the Fish River Canyon where the great Fish River once flowed. There are a few small pools that can be seen from a distance but the Fish River Canyon is primarily an expanse of dry depths. It is down at the Fish River Canyon floor that safari travellers will find wonderful hiking trails to enjoy.

These trails cover a distance of 54 miles (86 km), which can take days to navigate. For some this may be an exciting Namibian venture not to be missed. The Fish River hiking area is a rough and demanding place and the National Parks’ office insists on a certificate of fitness before allowing visitors to begin the hike.

There is little safari game in the Fish River Canyon because of the rugged rocks and ravines. Sometimes springbok and steenbok can be seen, as well as kudu and mountain zebra – although these sightings are rare. There may be baboons in this are of Namibia, but most notably, there is a wide variety of birds and raptors such as rock kestrals and lanner falcons. The landscape and the scenery are absolutely magnificent, and photography is a must for the keen travellers interested in the Fish River Canyon.

The temperatures in this Namibia area are the hottest between November and April, with an average mid-summer temperature that ranges between 97°F and 100°F (36°C-38°C). At its height it reaches 104°F (40°C) or even higher in the actual Fish River Canyon by the middle of the day. In contrast, the months between May and September are cooler but are still sunny and warm on most days. It can even get hot at times.

The temperature drops at night during this season, with a mid winter minimum of 44.5°F (7°C) or less, especially in the Fish River Canyon in July. The annual rainfall in this here varies between 2 inches (50 mm) and 4 inches (10 mm) per year.

If you are interested in our safaris that stop at the Fish River Canyon or want us to plan your trip please contact one of our friendly consultants.

Dinner at Fish River Canyon