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Dingani Primary School

Located in the small town of Dete, close to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Dingani Primary has over 300 pupils between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.  The school is in dire need of equipment and maintenance and the children often lack for the simplest basics that we would take for granted. For this reason, we are part of Pack for a Purpose which encourages guests to give responsibly. Grow Africa is also committed to educating the students about conservation through initiatives like Safari Share. With Project Penya we are focusing on female empowerment and keeping girls in school.

During a storm in September 2015 Dingani School encountered major constructional damage. Windows were smashed and two classrooms lost their entire roofs. Both classrooms are unusable in their current state which means classes are forced to mix, so instead of thirty-five pupils in one class some of the lessons have seventy-plus pupils sharing, with different age groups forced to learn together. Through fundraising and sponsorship, Grow Africa is acquiring the resources the school requires to offer the children the education they deserve.

 Grow Africa fully understands the importance of play and stimulation for young children in school which is why at Dingani we have also built a colourful playground that we continue to upgrade, as well a vegetable garden that provides nutrition as well as education. We are deeply committed to the development of the children, their education, and the school and will continue to introduce projects that we know can make a positive impact – in the pipeline is a library and hopefully a computer lab.

If you would like to get involved please contact grow.africa@outlook.com

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