Our Travel Terminology Explained 1

Our Travel Terminology Explained

Do you know the difference between a small group guided safari and a private guided safari? What about Tailor-Made and Self-drive?

Does it matter?? If you’re a travel agent you may be au fait with these terms, although in an industry that is rapidly changing due to our fast-paced world you too might sometimes find yourself wondering. Perhaps you are a FIT (a what??) and might not understand any of those terms at all. So let’s start there, FIT is a Foreign Independent Traveller, originally the F always stood for Foreign but these days it can also mean Free or Fully, or even Flexible! As you can see there needs to be some clarification. In this post we will break down what the different terms mean, how they differ and what kind of tour or product is best for each.

Guided Group Safari

Small Group Guided Safari

Small Group Guided Safaris are Jenman African Safaris’ particular area of expertise, we would go so far as to say that we are the industry leader in this category.

Definition: a small group that is guided and transported through various destinations by a qualified guide and usually a driver as well. Guests will be on tour with other guests who have also booked the tour, it is a small group with the maximum pax being either 12 or 14, and the minimum is 4. The tours are scheduled which means they leave on set departures and the itineraries cannot be altered by the guests.

Who it’s ideal for: This is usually the most budget-friendly option for travellers. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. Travellers who want to see as much of Africa as possible but who find the task of planning routes, booking accommodation and navigating the hazardous roads a bit too daunting.

What distinguishes it: small group travel, more cost-effective, faster pace and covers numerous destinations in a smaller amount of time.

Suggested Tours: World In One Country, Northern Experience, Botswana Lodge Explorer, Intimate Botswana & Zimbabwe Encounter, 1000 Views of Madagaskar

Tailor Made Travel

Tailor-Made Travel

Another one of our areas of expertise, we take our extensive knowledge of African travel and create meaningful itineraries for discerning clients.

Definition: A suggested itinerary that can be tailored to the guests’ requirements. A guide travels with the guests and assists guests during the tour. A tailor-made tour can also be built from scratch with input from the traveller and the consultant.

Who it’s ideal for: Travellers who prefer more flexibility with their travel plans. People who want to have a say in creating their holiday itinerary but don’t have time to do research and put together all the arrangements. Friends or families who are travelling together who don’t want to slot into a group tour.

What distinguishes it: Flexible itinerary created to suit the needs of the clients.

Suggested Tours: Chobe, Savute & Okavango Delta, Uganda Gorilla Adventure bei, Journey – to the Pride Lands – A Family Safari, Baobab & Tsingy Package, Cape Town Experience

Or speak to one of our consultants to plan your dream holiday.

Tailor Made Travel

Private guided

Guiding is an incredibly important component of Jenman African Safaris. We hand select some of the best guides in the industry then train and work with them for many years. We know the difference a knowledgeable and personable guide makes to a safari and are happy to arrange private guided tours for travellers.

Definition: A family or group of friends travelling with their own private guide who isn’t shared with any other travellers. Travellers can select one of our guided group tours and turn it into a private guided tour, essentially becoming a tailor-made product.

Who it’s ideal for: Travellers with more of a budget. It is costly to cover the costs of a private vehicle and guide for the duration of a 10-12 day trip.  All fixed costs fall to the 1 group.  If they are only 2 people, it will be quite costly.

What distinguishes it: Personal attention and privacy.

Suggested Tours: Grand Zimbabwe & Mana Pools, Tanzania Wildtierausbruch, Madagascar North Adventure, Great Trans-African Lodge Safari, Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

Self Drive Safari

Self-Drive Tour

The freedom of the open road calls many a traveller. Africa is a sizeable continent and even some of its countries, like Namibia, are particularly massive. This means considerable distances between destinations and excellent opportunities for road trips!

Definition: A self-driven safari with no guide or driver. We arrange car hire and plan the route as well as book the accommodation. Travellers can choose between already designed itineraries which fall under the Tailor-Made category, or work closely with a consultant to plan a route that encompasses all they hope to see (within reason, remember Africa is big!).

Who it’s ideal for: Confident and independent travellers. People who prefer to holiday on their own (without a guide) and to have the independence of having their own car. People who enjoy driving and setting their own pace.

What distinguishes it: No guide. More opportunities to explore the region at own discretion. More independence for travellers.

Suggested Tours: Namibia Selbstfahrer, Kruger, Swaziland, Natal Self-Drive, Garden Route Self-Drive, Drakensberg to Port Elizabeth Self-Drive

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Free Independent Traveller


As mentioned above this can stand for Foreign / Free / Fully Independent Traveller. These days with the ease of online planning and booking, a FIT might only come to a travel agent or tour operator to arrange a small part of their holiday, perhaps some transfers and accommodation bookings. FIT can also fall under tailor-made when the traveller is working directly with our consultant to assist in their tour planning.

Definition: Independent travellers who are largely responsible for their own travel plans.

Who it’s ideal for: Independent and confident travellers who can make it on their own and don’t need to be looked after. Those who prefer travel at their own pace and with their own friends or family.

What distinguishes it: No groups. Usually no guide, very little assistance needed from travel professionals.

Suggested tours: Madagascar in Style, Luangwa & Zambezi Fly-In, Greater Krüger Wanderung, Rhino Track & Trail, Best of Hwange Fly-In

Or speak to one of our consultants to plan your dream holiday.

Verwandte Touren

Rediscover Zimbabwe

große Simbabwe

Ab: $ 3,870.00 pro Person

Entdecken Sie die Magie von Simbabwe während einer privaten Tour durch dieses atemberaubend schöne Land. Erkunden Sie Simbabwes berühmteste Nationalparks, wie den Hwange und den Matobo Nationalpark. Erfahren Sie mehr über Simbabwes faszinierende Geschichte bei einem Besuch der 900 Jahre alten Great Zimbabwe Ruins, die Gerüchten zufolge die Hauptstadt der legendären Königin von Sheba und auch der Namensgeber der Nationen sind. Simbabwe kommt von einem Shona Wort für "große Häuser aus Stein" ". Während Ihrer Reise erleben Sie echte simbabwische Gastfreundschaft.

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Intimate Botswana and Zimbabwe Encounter

Ab: $ 4,480.00 pro Person

Mit ihrer enormen Anzahl an Wildtieren, sind Botswana und Simbabwe die perfekten Partner für eine Safari. Genießen Sie die Kompetenz und Wissen Ihres Guides zu beiden Ländern und entdecken Sie zwei der geheimnisvollsten Länder des südlichen Afrikas, mit ihren gefährdeten Wildhunden, dem Rhino Trekking, den ikonischen Victoria Falls und, unter anderem, einen traditionellen Kanuausflug.

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Journey to the Pride Lands | Lion King Family Safari

Reise zum Königsfelsen

Ab: $ 3,715.00 pro Person

Tauchen Sie ein in die reale Pracht des legendären Films „Der König der Löwen“ und entdecken Sie die markanten Landschaften, die diesen Disney-Filmklassiker inspiriert haben. Sie starten in Nairobi, Kenia, überqueren den Äquator und reisen durch weite offene Ebenen voller Wildtiere. Sie spüren den Ruf der Wildnis in einigen der ursprünglichsten Naturgebieten Afrikas und erleben, wie das kulturelle Herz Afrikas schlägt. Kinder können auf den Spuren Simbas wandeln und werden zu Ehrenrangern ausgebildet, wobei sie vieles über dieses außergewöhnliche Land und den Kreislauf des Lebens lernen. Anschließend führt Ihr Weg durch die Region der Seen, den Großen Afrikanischen Grabenbruch hinunter und in die Masai Mara – der atemberaubenden Inspiration zu den berühmten Pride Lands. Hier werden Sie verstehen und selbst erleben, warum diese unvergleichliche Landschaft die Herzen von Millionen erobert hat!

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