What tours people loved from 2013!

When there are so many different trips to do in Africa, often choice becomes your biggest challenge. Sometimes the best thing to do is to see what’s trending in the tourism world and base your decision on what’s popular. If it’s popular than chances are it’s a good decision. At the end of last year, we did some research into which of our holiday’s people preferred within our own product range. We did this by looking at reviews that each of our customers provided for us at the end of each tour. After looking at too many forms for the human brain to handle, we finally came up with not only the top tours but why people loved them so much!

1. The Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

With a popularity of 57%, this tour is by far our most popular. The primary reason for everyone’s choice was that they loved the accommodation. The Botswana Wildlife Breakaway has an amazing blend of 3 to 4-star lodge accommodations with tented chalets. Don’t let the word tented fool you though! These tents are far from average, hosting twin beds with all the luxuries you’d expect from most lodges. A close second to the accommodation was the tour itinerary. This tour hosts some of Southern Africa’s biggest Highlights over 15 days. The Victoriafälle, Simbabwe, Hwange Nationalpark:, and Nata Bird Sanctuary are just in the first 6days allowing the Big 5 along with some of Africa’s most incredible birds to follow in the remaining days.

2. The East African Migration Discoverer

While the lodges on the East African discoverer are exquisite, the favourite was the itinerary for this tour. And it’s no wonder! A tour that begins through thick jungles that reflect that of Indiana Jones is enough to warm the heart of any adventurer. However, the main course of this 15-day tour is witnessing the epic East African Migration. An experience of over 1 million Wildebeest migrating across the African Continent is a phenomenon and sits up there with some of the greatest wonders of the world.This entire tour is done with very few people joining it which was another reason clients chose it. It’s small enough for people to really feel an individual experience, while it’s big enough for many to feel a sense of community.

3. Northern and Southern Explorer

These tours have a lot in common as they share the same itinerary… they’re just done in opposite directions. Apart from a shared itinerary, these tours equally share a position in the hearts of our clients as the third popular tour. Like the most popular tour, the Botswana Wildlife Breakaway, people saw this tour as a favourite because of its lodges. Many tour operators offer similar tours with mostly camping. While there is a lot of merit to camping, people were not up to doing it for large periods of time and so preferred a nice warm bed. The great thing about these two tours is that it’s not only about the bed as clients have certain luxuries such as the Townhouse hotel, A’Zambezi River Lodge, Chobe Marina and a host of great game viewing across Namibia, Botswana und die Simbabwe.

4. Botswana Untouched Lodge Safari

The 5th most popular tour in 2013 was our Botswana Untouched. Over 40% of the people came on this tour for what the experience offered. They didn’t mind the lodging, though this is still pretty good, instead loved the places they could go and see. This tour offers an incredibly wide range of things to do and see which are unique and proudly African. People can see the white rhino, walk among the giant Baobabs, canoe down the Okavango Delta, view game in Khwai and Moremi and do bird watching on a Chobe sunset cruise.

As you can see these tours have so much to offer and what surprised us was that only 27% of people took these tours for their price. A price we keep low to encourage more guests. However, these tours are such beautiful and experience filled journeys, that people look past the dollar value to what counts… one amazing vacation.

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