The Consultants’ Cedarberg and West Coast National Park weekend away! 1

The Consultants’ Cedarberg and West Coast National Park weekend away!

Cedarburg EducationalSeven Chicks and one lonely guy, Jan (our guide for the weekend), left the office all excited and ready to go on an adventure….and what an adventure it was. Not having driven on the N7 for quite some time, it was beautiful to see the country-side again. After a couple of hours driving and some well deserved drinks we needed an urgent pit stop, which came just in time for Miriam, who at that stage already had tears in her eyes…if you know what I mean!
After driving a couple of kilometers on the gravel road we started seeing the effects on the landscape from the devastating fire in the Cedarberg. It was amazing to see that most of the houses or farms housed in that area were all still standing and that none were burnt down. It breaks my heart to see such destruction, but then again as they say, it is sometimes good for fires like these.

Unpacking the VehicleAfter a few long hours of driving we finally reached our destination – Sanddrif Camping Site. First, we helped unpack the tents and mattresses from the roof of the vehicle (I was surprised how heavy the 2 man tents were) then Jan showed us how to pitch one of the tents and then he left us to do the others, while he continued to unpack the rest of the things. Within a couple of minutes all the tents were pitched and everybody had their ‘spot’ with a nice comfy mattress to sleep on. Thank goodness, we were quite lucky that we did not have our camping spot right in the middle of the camping site, as the camp was fully booked for the weekend.

It was finally time for us to light the fire and have some time to catch up with each other and, also to get to know each other a little bit better…..of course with ice cold drinks in our hands. We had a typical South African braai with potatoes and salad, which was prepared by Amina und die Nadia. Thanks girls, the salad was delish! After a great meal always comes the washing up, which is not always the nicest thing to do once the stomach is full….Magies vol oggies toe. Nomsi and I took our turn to do the dishes for that evening.

Miriam, thank you for promising me the stars in the sky, it was beautiful to see all the stars again for a change. Amazing how one forgets how beautiful it is when living in the city. It was nice to sit around a camp fire while enjoying the peace and quiet of nature and catching up with everybody.
Thank goodness for Silke sneaking off to the neighbors and bribing the neighbors with Brandy to get a couple of extra logs of wood for the fire.

Jenman Safari LandcruiserThe best part for me when going camping is the early morning wake-up – standing next to a fire and having a cup of coffee. Sadly we did not have the fire, but the cup of coffee did its thing. After a quick breakfast we went off on a short hike to see the rock pools that are in the area. It was about an hour and a bit hike. We unfortunately did not make it all the way to the really nice rock pools as the last bit of the path was covered in mud. Clever Silke und die Miriam wearing their slops did not worry about the mud and carried on to the rock pools, while the rest of us sat next to the river bank and enjoyed the running river and its gurgling noises.

Back at the camp we quickly packed everything up and were once again on the road. We even had the luck of coming across a trop of baboons while driving on the gravel road. This time round the drive was a quieter one as most of us drifted away into lala land.

We finally arrived at the West Coast National Park and went straight to the Geelbek Bird Hide Restaurant, an award wining restaurant (By that time we where all starving). While enjoying our meals we all had a go at commenting on the guests arriving for a wedding reception and trying to figure out who was on the bride’s side and who was on the groom’s side. Ahhhh and not to forget the guy in the green suit, we all did have a good laugh about that one. The old gentleman in his really OLD green suit was the topic of the day for quite some time. We finally got to see the bride and groom, who we were waiting for to arrive, only from the distance. Dare I tell the story of poor broken hearted Silke that lost her beloved man to another women 🙂 🙂 🙂
Jan really had us thinking when he all of a sudden stopped and reversed. All of us where looking around to try and figure out what he saw. Not knowing that he actually just wanted to turn around as we where heading into the wrong direction.

The chalets can sleep up to 6 people and have a fully equipped kitchen, with a small inside braai area and also one outside. They even provided the wood. They also have a little swimming pool to cool off in and a boma area. I was really blown away with the quality of the chalets and the well kept grounds.

Jenman VehicleJan gave us the time to explore the area and to relax after the drive. A couple of us asked Jan if he needed any help preparing dinner, but each time he declined. At some stage Amina also went to ask and from where we where sitting it just about sounded as if he was throwing Amina out of the kitchen.  We were all sitting outside of Hilka’s, Miriam’s und die Silke’s chalet when we got a couple of wifs from Jan’s kitchen. I can tell you that I all of a sudden got even hungrier, even after still being full from the lunch. Jan really out did himself with seafood paella with rice and veggies, which we all enjoyed in absolute silence. Desert was a wonderful fruit salad with custard, which was just as nice.

After a really delicious meal we went back to the girl’s chalet and enjoyed an evening with drinks and lots of laughter. Some time during the evening Silke spotted an owl that was staring at us and got everybody in a huff about owl’s visiting at night being a bad omen. This for a while really got everybody paranoid. After some more drinks and concocting up a story about a wolf and a circus………sorry, not allowed too continue the story due to possible trade mark secrets.

After a healthy breakfast we where back on the road heading towards Kapstadt. Back at the office we all said our farewells and headed into our different directions.

Thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful weekend away and also for showing us how the operational side of things works on our safari trips in the bush. I am sure after this trip that we all now want to get the chance to go on a real safari trip out in the bush for days on end……oh well, that is me at least, as I am a bush baby from nature.

Written by: Adele Boy – Sales Consultant

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