The Story Behind the Jenman “E”

We have something to tell you… Something you’ve probably been wondering about for ages. Something that keeps you up at night. Perhaps you just assumed it was one of life’s great unexplained mysteries. But now you can finally rest at ease because it will all be revealed! We’ve dug deep and asked the hard questions. No stone was left unturned and we even went straight to the top. Are you ready? It’s time to learn the secret behind the Jenman “E”. You might have noticed it’s not like others E’s, in fact, it’s rather unique. Was it an accident? Did it go, rogue? Or does it have a specific message it wants to share and a story it wants to tell? It’s been waiting for this moment.

But first, let’s find out a bit more about the Jenman African Safaris logo itself. We changed the logo a few years ago, almost as an overnight decision. Jenman started as a tour operator offering mainly budget safaris and camping tours but had over time moved to more lodge safaris and bespoke tailor-made travel, there had been quite a significant change of environment and product. To go with the times and to show that Jenman had changed we decided to update the logo. The clean lines of the logo signify a more modern look, the new colours are fresh and visually appealing and they also tell a story. For instance, the khaki green evokes the African bush and symbolizes what we do: bring travellers to Africa. A lot of thought had been put into how to develop the company internally and we wanted to reflect that externally in the logo as well.


And now for the shining star, the distinctive “E” that is an essential symbol of our brand. The “E” conveys the message of our promise and our unique offerings. Starting with the colours that symbolize the areas that we specialize in: the light turquoise blue represents Madagascar, the burnt orange East Africa, and the golden sand colour Southern Africa. The “E” signifies 3 of our strongest attributes, always in relation to Africa:

Expertise: “Your Adventure, Our Expertise” when it comes to the areas that we specialize in, we are the experts. With a long history of successfully organising tours and travel to Africa we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, and also the extra special tricks that will get the job done.

Experience: We promise our guests once in a lifetime experiences. The African continent is unique and captivating, guests who come here remember it as an experience like no other.

Education: We want to educate guests about Africa, especially its opportunities as well as challenges. Conservation is incredibly important to us and our goal is to educate our guests about the need for conservation, making them aware of what needs to be protected and how it can be protected.


What our CEO, Katja, loves most about the “E” is that it can be used as an emblem by itself, it’s able to stand alone like the 3 stripes of the Adidas logo and you instantly recognise where it’s from. People see the E and associate it with Jenman, as well as our experience and expertise. We also want our employees to identify with the brand and be proud to wear the brand.

So there you have it, the mystery has been solved! There’s always so much more to a (good) logo other than “it looks nice”. Now you understand the ethos of our brand and why this is what we chose to face the world with.


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