Sharing our knowledge about the environment through wonder 1

Sharing our knowledge about the environment through wonder

Jenman African Safaris has recently launched the Grow Africa Foundation – a non-profit organisation that aims to uplift the environment and communities in which they work and visit on their tours. But how can we educate others about sustainable living – not only on our safaris through southern and east Africa – but in our own city, too? Socrates once said, “Wisdom begins in wonder”. As part of our aim to share our environmental awareness, Grow Africa has organised a series of hikes around Cape Town. Learners get to share in the wonder of nature – and through this wonder – learn about the importance of nature conservation and protecting the world around us in a fun and understandable manner.


It’s early on Saturday morning and a group of Jenman Safaris staff members are challenging their way along the mountain with the hiking club from Rosmead Central Primary School.

The hike made its way along the Camps Bay Pipe Track, a contour path that leads from the base of the Table Mountain Cableway, along the foot of the Twelve Apostles, towards Llandudno.

It was a perfect day and the scenery was amazing. The guide led the learners along the track, stopping to explain some interesting facts about the history and geography of the region. The learners were paying close attention as they were later quizzed about some of the facts that they learnt.

A lovely, fun day was had by all and it was an experience the learners will not forget.


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