Rhino Day was a great success!

rhino day
Rhino calendars with Jenman
rhino day
Rhino Day

September 22, 2012 – it was officially Rhino Day in South Africa.  With so much media attention about the plight of our beloved rhinos and the ruthless poaching that is driving conservationists to do whatever they can, many efforts culminated in this one day to bring attention to the urgency of the situation.  Hundreds of rhinos are being killed mercilessly for their horns.  In recent years this problem has become extreme, and we are now facing a conservation crisis that will lead the rhinos to become critically endangered.

rhino day
Selling our calendars

Rhinos are incredible animals and have formed a magnificent part of our cultural and natural heritage for thousands of years.  We need to continue to send the message worldwide that the Rhino horn is NOT medicine, has no medicinal properties, and to kill an animal to steal its horn is an intolerable criminal act.  The WWF urged all South Africans to take a day, September 22, to revere the rhinos and play a part in their protection.   As a result, hundreds of people came out to join the Rhino Run, contributing their time and money towards this worthy cause.

“The run was fantastic – the light rain had stopped and the sun came out,” stated one of the runners, “the surroundings here at Groot Constantia are so beautiful, just being here is so uplifting.  The energy and vibe was perfect.  We are all here for a good reason.  We all care about the rhinos.”

Many of our staff at Jenman Safaris took part in the run, which for some was 6km and for others 12km.  After the run, we sold our “Save the Rhino” 2013 photographic calendar.  The make-up, costumes, photography, lighting, as well as all printing and postage costs that went into the making of the calendar have all been donated for this worthy cause.  We are selling the calendars for ZAR 120 each and 100% of the profits are going to Project Rhino KZN.  By selling these artistic calendars, we are able to raise much-needed money to support the fight against rhino poaching.  We are pledging 100% of the selling price of these calendars towards Project Rhino KZN (http://www.projectrhinokzn.org) our chosen charity.  With the help of the money we raise, they will further their efforts to save the rhinos from more needless killings.

rhino day
Getting ready for the race

Our Rhino calendar has been met with huge success so far, which has be really exciting.  In fact, following the launch of our Rhino Calendar at Indaba earlier this year, Shamwari liked our idea so much they organised their own Rhino calendar!  Shamwari, a popular game reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa launched their rhino calendar after seeing ours and realising the potential to raise urgent funds for the rhino cause.  Nearly 400 rhinos have been killed by poachers in South Africa so far in 2012.  The greatest losses have been found within the Kruger Nationalpark, but other parks and game reserves are vulnerable as well.  Shamwari puts their conservation efforts first, and sees this as a great opportunity to get others on board.Raising funds or donating money is key to fixing this problem. Unfortunately, rhino conservation is expensive and ongoing. Poaching is a constant reality in spite of massive daily efforts on the ground.  We need to make every effort to stop this barbaric cruelty against our precious endangered rhinos.  They are desperate for our help.

The Shamwari rhino calendar has recently been made available, and our Jenman rhino calendar sales are ongoing.  We have sent the message out to all of our agents and contacts worldwide.  Although we have sold quite a few calendars, and others, like Shamwari, are making similar efforts, we need to sell more calendars to reach our target, and we need to do that soon.   Click on the link below to purchase one, or several, calendars online (international postal has been sponsored): https://www.jenmansafaris.com/about-us/save-the-rhino-calendar.html

rhino day
Rhino Day in Cape Town

Please also forward this onto any of your friends.

Thanks in advance for your support.

– Sandra Jenman

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