Ready, steady, hunt!

Jenman Safaris Easter Egg hunt

Okay, so it may be June already and Easter was last month but, we can’t stop talking about our Easter egg hunt… What do ducks, chickens, rabbits and eggs have in common?

They all work for Jenman Safaris! It’s true! When Easter came around this year, we decided to do something fun. We divided the staff into four teams: Team Duck, Team Chicken, Team Egg and Team Rabbit.

There was 126 Easter eggs hidden throughout our office. All four teams were asked to wait in the Workshop area of our building, while Katja (Marketing Manager) and Garth (Managing Director) hid the eggs throughout out our office. You can imagine that it took Garth and Katja some time to hide all of those Easter eggs.
Each team was assigned a colour to wear. This was so that we did not confuse who our hunting team mates were!
When the sign was finally given that we could start hunting, it was chaos.
People ran in all directions trying to find those Easter eggs. There was a lot of screaming, strategising and running!
After about 5 minutes all Easter eggs were found. Very quick..I know! They were counted and the team that won was: Team Duck!
As soon as the adrenalin rush was over, we all sat down and started eating our prizes.
All members from Team Duck will be going on a half day Cape Point tour later in June.

It really was so much fun and I can’t wait to see which team wins next year! I hope it’s Team Chicken 😉

(Guess what team I was in…)

Easter egg hunt
Egg hunt


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