Our 5 Top African Adrenaline Adventures for 2022


Africa’s landscape calls to the wild wanderer, the adrenaline junkie, the culturally curious, the artist as well as the philosopher. Its rivers summon the athletic explorer, whereas its vistas beckon the dreamers, and its cultural quilt, historians. Africa offers a travel tincture for everyone, reaching out in recognition of what you seek in a journey.

In the spirit of a new year, with new adventures on the horizon and new resolutions, our Jenman African Safaris specialists have resolved to seek adrenaline in 2022! Having been wrapped up in our comfort zones for 2020 and 2021, we feel this is the year to spread our wild wings and venture into the unknown. We recently embarked on a virtual cross-continental African adventure and chose five activities to get our adrenalin pumping, our blood flowing and the serotonin rushing through our bodies!

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: Living on the Edge

Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe’s adventure capital, with a variety of options to lure you out of your comfort zone. In chasing the heart in your throat, hands sweating and nerve inducing activity, we have chosen the Wild Horizon’s Gorge Swing. A 70 m free fall awaits with the requirement of walking its plank like platform before you take the plunge. The Batoka Gorge speeds past as you leap into its abyss, with the mighty Zambezi flowing below. Harnessed by the waist, post free fall you then pendulum from one side of the gorge to the other, the realisation of what you have just achieved settling in. The ultimate thrill!

Livingstone, Zambia: Dipping in Devils Pool

Experience life on the edge of the Victoria Falls with a dip in the world’s ultimate infinity pool. The activity begins from the Royal Livingstone Hotel, where one takes a speedboat to Livingstone Island, an awesome experience in itself. With both island and hotel named after the legendary explorer, David Livingstone, you will feel like a pioneer yourself, traversing the Zambezi River to its absolute edge! Through years of erosion, the most perfect barrier has formed, inviting a venture to the basalt boundary between water and gorge. One peers over the waterfall to the rainbows below, the mighty Zambezi flowing around them, cascading over the 110m drop to continue its journey. It’s wet and it’s wild, and not to be missed on your African adventure! 

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Photo by Zambia Tourism

Uganda: Rafting the Nile

Riding the waves of a river harnesses one’s courage in a way only nature can demand. The Nile has a life of its own, its ebbs and flows, rapids and waterfalls under the command of mother nature herself. And this river is one of her playgrounds. The Nile embodies some of the worlds finest Grade 5 rapids, the size and speed which gets your heart pounding! Paddling as a team towards a body of raging white water is a thrill seekers dream, the anticipation building with every stroke. The vistas from the river itself are equally breathtaking, a unique perspective of the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Being able to experience a country’s landscapes from various dimensions is an added bonus to one’s understanding of its geographical diversity. 

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Tanzania: Serengeti Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon adventure may appear simply serene, however riding the wind by the element of fire certainly has an adrenaline rush to it. Rising above the earth inside a basket, in the hands of your pilot, one must surrender to the moment. Unforgettable panoramic vistas mixed with the exhilaration of floating above the Serengeti National Park creates a memory corridor one will walk down for many years to come.

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Namibia: Sand Boarding in Swakopmund 

An action packed day out upon the sand dunes is an invitation for those in pursuit of speed. Chasing adrenaline upon a sand board is a guaranteed thrill. Lying down or standing up, there are a variety of levels from beginner to professional, flying through the air with the oldest desert in the world to catch you. The temperature of excitement rises to match the heat of the desert as one surfs the sandy dunes of the Namib. 

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Join Jenman African Safaris to venture out of your comfort zone, take that leap of faith and channel your courage into a wild African adrenaline adventure!