My incredible Trans Kalahari Lodge Explorations

By Martina Schacke

Here we are; after having explored the famous Moremi Game Reservat and the Greater Khwai our group of 6 (German, Swiss and Australian, what a lovely mix) are heading to the next highlight on our itinerary, the Central Kalahari.




Our drive takes us south over white gravel and sandy roads to the heart of Botswana.
It’s getting hotter by the minute, but our open sided safari game viewer provides the best natural air conditioning. For me it just can’t be too hot anyway.


We arrive late afternoon and I feel the excitement of having 3 nights at our luxurious lodge,
Haina Safari Lodge. The airy tents offer all modern amenities, I will use the the king sized bed and outside shower the most.


The local serval is welcoming us, watching from the roof while we enjoy our first Gin&Tonic’s on the plushy sofas overlooking the waterhole.


There is no need to leave this place as the impala’s, kudu’s and lion’s are come to us.
It’s just before rainy season, and one can smell the freshness in the air.


We are observing a herd of impala’s, it doesn’t look like an easy job for the two males to keep all the females under control. Some of them are also highly pregnant and just waiting for the rain to give birth to their babies. It always amazes me how nature is perfectly in balance and I feel more than lucky to be at this beautiful place to experience it.

We fill the following days with early morning game drives on their 12.000 ha reserve, walking with the Bushmen, lazing at the swimming pool and enjoying afternoon tea with the best pear cake I’ve ever had.


I knew in my heart that I could not miss the quad bike trip, flying over the private airfield is something special.

The impala’s don’t seem to mind and watches with a sceptical expression.
Our last night is even more extraordinary, suddenly the wind picks up and we find ourselves sitting right in a thunderstorm and lightning. The first drops of rain are falling, the smell is incredible, and as quickly as it started it’s over again.


I can’t help but having a child like smile in my face. It’s the space and nothingness which is magical and makes me feel alive. If I could just stay a little longer …

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