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Introducing Kirsty – Our new Product Developer!

product developer

We thought, that it might be nice, to introduce our team from time to time, so let’s start by introducing Kirsty, our new product developer!
Kirsty joined the Jenman Team three months ago. You may remember her from our last newsletter where she shared her funny safari stories; where she was called the rain maker by locals, bumped into a hippo and traded her glamour magazine for bangles!

Kirsty is very passionate about travel has been in the industry for the past 15 years which means she has travelled all over the world including Namibia, Botswana, Simbabwe, Sambia, Kenia, Südafrika und die Mosambik… and in the next few weeks she will be rediscovering Simbabwe on a working holiday – lucky her!

Besides travelling and keeping us entertained at work with her safari stories she is in-charge of our Southern Africa portfolio – which includes all itineraries, rates, routings and anything & everything that makes our new and existing tours so fantastic. Since she has been all over the world, we wanted to know where her favourite place is and why… This is what she had to say;” Südafrika still has to be my most favourite destination. I have lived in the UK and Canada but I always end up coming home. I love the people, the diversity, the culture, the food, the scenery and the wildlife. It really is a World in One Country, from beaches to bush, mountains to plains, vibrant cities to rural villages I am yet to meet someone who has not fallen in love with our beautiful country.”

product developer

Kirsty is a fantastic addition to the team, great to work with and has the most fantastic ideas for Southern Africa safaris – so watch this space!

When we were writing this article,  she was quite shocked that we were initially not going to be featuring her favourite restaurant in Kapstadt … And since she was quite passionate about sharing this with you all – here it goes. Her favourite restaurant is Col’Cacchios – it’s a franchise that you can find in most places in Südafrika. The reason she loves this place so much is that the make a pizza called ‘fantasia’ which is made with brie, caramelised onions and sesame seeds… which does sounds really yummy!

Welcome to the Team, Kirsty!


Introducing Kirsty - Our new Product Developer! 1 Introducing Kirsty - Our new Product Developer! 3 Introducing Kirsty - Our new Product Developer! 5Introducing Kirsty - Our new Product Developer! 7 Introducing Kirsty - Our new Product Developer! 9 Delicious

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