Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5

east africa
Lunch in Tanzania

What a day yesterday was… after leaving the Serengeti behind we headed north to try and find a road that would take us to Kenia. We inspected some nice lodges along the way and then made our final push over the Mara River. At a T-junction we took a right turn and after awhile we came across a road block run by local villages who wanted money from us to go further… When we ask one of the guys if this was the road to Kenia, he said its goes to wherever you want it to go. We then worked out that we were heading in the wrong direction anyway.

Heading back for about an hour we made it to the border and the only damage being one broken shock. Thinking the worst was behind us it took a few hours to clear the border. We then headed out for the Mara and landed up driving on one of the worst roads, if that’s what you call it, that I’ve ever driven on… 5 hours to drive 80km on thick black cotton soil.

east africa
Sunset in Tanzania

By 11 that night we decided we would stay at the first lodge that we found whatever the price! I think we were well past the experience by now. We were driving on a steep rocky incline when we finally saw a sign Kilima 9km. We headed on and started to see Zebra! We then came to a boom and after flashing our lights a Masai guard came and let us in. The lodge didn’t have any guests but Axel the owner welcomed us in and within no time we were sitting down drinking a beer and having a great meal glad the day had finally come to an end.

Today started with one of the most outstanding views I’ve seen. We were high up overlooking the Mara River and down below we could see the whole area teaming with 1000’s upon 1000’s of Wildebeest!

We headed around Mara looking for the ideal lodge for our safaris for next year and we were disappointed in the low standard of most of them. This reminded us that you can’t rely on what the internet says and that we as tour operators have to inspect all the properties we make use of on a regular basis.

Watch this space for the next update….

Garth Jenman

east africa
Masai Mara
east africa
The Wildebeest Migration
east africa
Driving on the hectic roads
east africa
The view of the crater


Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5 9 Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5 10 Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5 11Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5 12 Delicious


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