Lumiere Private Villa - Cape Town, South Africa

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Länder: Südafrika

A modern and spacious holiday home filled with light and spectacular views. Villa Lumiere is set  against the mountain side in the peaceful suburb of Noordhoek, a centerpiece aquarium and delightful rock pool add character and charm to this contemporary villa. Expansive living spaces both upstairs and downstairs lend themselves to entertaining family and friends, perfect for exclusive getaways. A  fully equipped kitchen and formal dining area are an invitation for communal cuisine, sharing meals and collecting memories. 


The back garden holds a beautiful pool and stunning landscaped rock face featured with palms, offering an oasis to spend the day by the pool, dipping into the cool water, or into your book. The option to barbeque is available, allowing for sunny days to be spent cooking, eating, swimming – full entertainment together at home. An open planned bar area sports a snooker table for friendly challenges over cocktails and wine. Each space caters for a variety of moods – from relaxation, to high energy, to quiet reflective moments shared in comfortable corners and couches. A short drive to the beach offers adventure and exploration of Noordhoek – walking, seaside and even optional horse riding excursions.


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Wäsche-Service
  • Feuerstelle
  • Klimatisierung
  • TV & DSTV
  • Music System 
  • Swimming Pool (automatic safety cover)
  • Aquarium
  • Wifi
  • Outdoor entertainment area with barbeque
  • Garage parking for three cars
  • Fully secured alarm system
  • Housekeeping 
  • Safety Note: High platforms and drop offs


  • Upstairs master bedroom with king size bed with balcony and sea views.
  • Upstairs queen size bed with balcony and mountain views.
  • Upstairs queen size bed with doors to patio and sea and mountain views.
  • Upstairs twin bed with sea views.


  • Pool
  • Beach activities
  • Optional horse riding on the beach
  • Bars and restaurants of Noordhoek


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