Tanzania holds a biodiversity like none-other, an area truly wild at heart. Its landscapes display an incredible wealth of habitats – an invitation to curious eyes and minds. The untamed terrain is cushioned in luxury and high quality experience, coupled with high quality service. It is home to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater as well as the Great Migration – one of the most spectacular wildlife events in the world. The migration is a movement of over 2 million animals – big enough to be seen from space!

Exclusive journeys and spacious properties invite you to embark on a getaway of personal space, safely distanced yet intimately connected to your surroundings. Iconic and secret destinations await to welcome you to your African adventure.

Tanzania Tours

Unrivalled Tanzania

Unrivalled Tanzania

Ab: $ 2,229.00

Zanzibar Superior Package - 3 days

Ab: $ 313.00
Zanzibar Luxury

Zanzibar Exquisite Package - 3 days

Ab: $ 445.00
East Africa

East Africa Migration Discoverer

Ab: $ 4,350.00
Tanzania wildlife

Tanzania Wildtierausbruch

Ab: $ 2,150.00
East Africa

East Africa Migration Discoverer Reverse

Ab: $ 4,275.00
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