Madagascar is Africa’s largest island 450 km off the eastern coast of Mozambique. Its isolation from the mainland has resulted in a completely unique ecosystem, its plants and animals distinctive to the area.

Madagascar is a vibrant mixture of stylish and rustic, wearing its heart on its sleeve as it reveals its treasures and welcomes tourism to its shores. It is a country full of colour and character in people, wildlife and landscape. Confronted with its authenticity on arrival in the capital, Antananarivo, one is whisked away into the rhythm of Malagasy culture, setting the theme of curiosity for the rest of one’s Madagascan adventure.

Madagascar Tours

Masoala Adventure

Ab: $ 1,466.90
Madagascar Nosy Be

Madagascar East Tour

Ab: $ 1,128.00
Madagascar beach break

Madagascar Northern Highlights

Ab: $ 2,014.00

South and Morondava Package

Ab: $ 1,782.03

Diego & Montagne d’Ambre Package

Ab: $ 723.00

Île Sainte-Marie Beach Package

Ab: $ 1,064.00

1000 Views of Madagaskar

Ab: $ 2,415.00
Andasibe Reserve Lemur Experience

Andasibe Reserve Lemur Experience

Ab: $ 890.00

Nosy Be Beach

Ab: $ 2,547.00
Madagascar North

Madagascar North Adventure

Ab: $ 1,942.00

Beach and Lemur Explorer

Ab: $ 4,053.00
southern flamingo

Southern Flamingo Package

Ab: $ 586.27
Morondava and tsingy

Morondava Baobab and Tsingy

Ab: $ 1,145.00

1000 Views of Madagaskar

Ab: $ 2,258.00

Manafiafy & Kayak Experience

Ab: $ 2,632.29
Barefoot Luxury

Barefoot Luxury Southern Madagascar Explorer (11 Days)

Ab: $ 4,580.00

Barefoot Luxury Southern Madagascar Explorer (8 days)

Ab: $ 3,570.00

Andasibe Reserve Wildlife Experience

Ab: $ 479.00
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