Kenya is a destination of rich and colourful tapestry. This is a country to be explored by following in the footsteps of giants, venturing in a safari vehicle, riding the wind in a hot air balloon, relaxing on the beach or witnessing the wild wonders of the Great Migration. Kenya’s landscapes are abundant in abundance, teeming with wildlife with a backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, volcanic outcrops, natural springs and rift valley lakes. Kenya is the definition of diversity.

Kenya Tours

Kenya Safari Adventure

Ab: $ 3,005.00
Journey to the Pride Lands | Lion King Family Safari

Reise zum Königsfelsen

Ab: $ 3,715.00
East Africa

East Africa Migration Discoverer

Ab: $ 4,350.00
East Africa

East Africa Migration Discoverer Reverse

Ab: $ 4,275.00
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