Southern Skies with Martina – Part 2

southern skies
southern skies
Lioness drinking water

On our way through Etosha13 we made friends with the local boys playing soccer and we were happy to promise that we will send their regards to Michael Ballack when we are back in Germany…
At N’kwazi river lodge we had some time to relax and to just put our feet up. We visited the pre school (how many pictures can one take from the these beautiful kids) and we discussed gardening with the women of a local village.

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Lions have a field day in Mana Pools!

mana pools
mana pools
Spot animals at Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Source: Wild Zambezi Newsletter

Sizzling hot temperatures this safari season have dried up water sources in the Zambezi hinterland and have brought thousands of thirsty animals down to the river at Mana Pools.

By October, the density of wildlife in the “floodplain” area next to the Zambezi River had resulted in every single blade of grass being eaten to dust level.

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Support the Kariba Anti-Poaching Team

Anti poaching team

Kariba is unusual in that wildlife corridors pass directly through the hills of the town and animals are regularly seen by residents.

This year, there have even been reports of lions seen near Tamarind Lodge and on Ariel Hill, and it appears that the number of elephants seen around the town is also increasing – with several large groups now moving through as well as the usual lone bulls.

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Adventure on the Zambezi


Nerine Dorman samples the magic of the great river and falls under its spell

They melted out of the dusk-shrouded river forest, at least a dozen great dark shapes that resolved into elephants moving along the banks of the mighty Zambezi. Silent, like ghosts they were browsing sedately as the sun’s disc ruby slashes into the lapping cobalt river, until the orb sank behind a silhouetted tree line in a blaze of tangerine sky.

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Africa Fever; part 1 with Katja

Katja in Zimbabwe

Africa Fever – the first time I had heard of that expression was when my mom told me, a couple of years ago, that I am infected with exactly that. What sounds like a serious illness for which one requires some heavy medication, is nothing else but a travel bug.

Travel bug – an insect that travels?  Both, Africa fever & a travel bug I believe, are not the most suitable ways of describing the changes that take place in you once you set foot on the African continent.

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Andrew and Joni Explore Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia

Safari with Jenman African Safaris

Our trip started when we flew into Victoria Falls, Simbabwe where we picked up one of Jenman Safaris custom built Land Cruisers called ‘Tshomi’.

We planned to spend two weeks in Simbabwe, and then cross over into Botswana for two weeks and head back down to Kapstadt by travelling the last two weeks through Namibia.

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Discovering more about leopards with Chantal (a Jenman Guide!)…

Leopard on Safari

Leopards (Pantera Pardus) are by nature elusive and shy creatures. They have evolved over time to blend in.

They are powerful cats that stalk their prey. Therefore camouflage is very important. This is of course why it is so difficult to spot these beautiful large cats. Anyone who sees them is extremely lucky. I was pleasantly surprised in April of this year while doing a Trans African lodge safari.

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Blessed and Hilka’s Botswana Wildlife Breakaway: Part 1

Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

Recently, Hilka Voges (Jenman Safaris Assistant Reservation’s Manager) joined our Botswana Wildlife Breakaway safari in June. Along with one of our fabulous guides, Blessed, they wrote about the tour, their experiences and highlights daily for all of us blog readers to enjoy! Their Botswana Safari is split into 2 blogs… Watch this space to part 2… Thanks Hilka and Blessed!

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Man devoured by lions while taking shower in Zimbabwe

Lion Attack

A Zimbabwean man was devoured by a pride of lions while taking a shower in a camp in the north of the country, a conservation body has said. The man was attacked by the lions while using an outside shower at a fishing camp near Mana Pools National Park in the north of the country, Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force told the German news agency dpa.

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Zimbabwe and Poaching

Poaching in Zimbabwe

Jenman Safaris very own Zimbabwe Operations Manager, Charles Brightman, was interviewed on Carte Blanche… Carte Blanche is one of the leading programs in South Africa – they deal with topical news, tough stories and factual information “you have the right to see it all”. On the 17th Oct 2010 Carte Blanche broached the topic of poaching in Zimbabwe which is a very tough story…

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Harare – Victoria Falls Charity Cycle

Vic Falls

On Wednesday the 22nd of September 2010 a team of 6 cyclists, 6 back up crew and 3 vehicles started an epic journey from Harare to Victoriafälle, Simbabwe
The ride had been planned to raise money for a very worthwhile charity organisation named SOAP (Supporting Old Age Pensioners). These dozen people were about to set off on a challenge to cycle for 2 days and hopefully arrive in Victoriafälle, Simbabwe in time…>

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Tobias from Germany – explored Cape Town and Jenman African Safaris… the LAST blog!

Jenman Safaris

Only when my plane was about to touch down in Frankfurt did I finally realise that my time in Südafrika was over…  Since then it has been two weeks… I’ve almost settled down in Germany again (even if I still walk on the “wrong”, left side of the pavement). The first few days were quite exciting – it was great to see my family and my friends and I continued doing what I did on my last days in Kapstadt


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Zimbabwe – to go or not to go?

Best of Hwange
Zimbabwe Safari & Holiday

Source: Out There Travel, Autumn 2010

You’ve probably heard that now is a good time to visit Zimbabwe and take advantage of the excellent prices. But is that a good idea? Is price everything?

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get away from the fact that the political developments of the last few years have been, to say the very least, less than perfect. And there are people who believe that it would be morally questionable to holiday in a country where the government is guilty of significant human rights abuses – abuses that, unfortunately, are still continuing. BUT….

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Zimbabwe – Garth Jenman answers some tough questions (part 3)


For the past few months we have been featuring questions and answers about Zimbabwe, this week we have some more! Don’t forget if you have any specific questions about Zimbabwe comment on our blog!

What environmental credentials does your company have – and how would your safaris to Zimbabwe benefit both wildlife & environment and the local communities?

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22 days Northern Experience Safari – Cape Town to Victoria Falls

northern experience safari
northern experience safari

Written by: Corinna Muller-Lorenz (Conny)v. 19.1. – 9.02.2010

When I close my eyes, I know immediately what it looks like, smells like and how it tastes – my very own Africa. Due to the enormous versatility of this tour, it was the perfect trip to Africa to experience the first time and find out what landscapes, climates, people and animals like one at best.

Fascinating were all the facets of the country along our route, I have not been concluded once the eyes during car trips, for fear of missing a wonderful change of scenery, human biodiversity and Animal varieties.

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Is Zimbabwe ready for the return of tourists?

Is Zimbabwe ready for the return of tourists? 3

Zimbabwe ArticleWritten by: Paddington Tucker

Over the past ten years tourism to Simbabwe has been limited to the Victoriafälle, Simbabwe, which has had to market itself as a tourism oasis within a desert. The word Simbabwe has been demonized by the international media – mention the name of the country in Europe and images of farm invasions, hyperinflation, cholera, and political violence spring to mind. That such a beautiful country’s reputation is so tarnished makes the job for us Simbabwe afi-cionados extremely difficult, even if we know that the reality is a far cry from the image presented in the media.

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Zimbabwe – Garth Jenman answers some tough questions (part 1)

Zimbabwe – Garth Jenman answers some tough questions (part 1) 5

Zimbabwe with Garth JenmanSimbabwe is a beautiful area encircled by controversy and political instability… yet those that have been there say is nothing like that at all! So what is the truth? The only way to find out the objective truth about Simbabwe is to ask some tough questions to those that have recently returned from Zimbabwe. This is part one… Watch the blog over the next few weeks and months to read more questions and answers. Answers provided by Garth Jenman, managing director of Jenman SafarisGarth was in Simbabwe on a fact finding trip late last year.

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Zambezi rush – in the Air and on the Water

Zambezi rush – in the Air and on the Water 7

Zambezi ActivitiesSource: Sawubona October 2009

With two days to test the limits of my fear, I stood on the edge of the cliff looking down 130 m to the bottom of the deep gorge; the deep rock face that extended all the way to the falls formed over many thousands of years, as the river moved away from the falls. A group of us were being shown the magnificent Batoka Gorge by Choongo, who would be our river rafting guide. Choongo went through precautionary rules, then handed us indemnity forms to sign. A mere formality he told us, and not to worry, it was going to be a fun ride.

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Once again, ringing tills are heard in Zimbabwe

Once again, ringing tills are heard in Zimbabwe 9

Tourists are back in ZimbabweSource: Weekend Argus, December 19th

Christmas is set to be the season of plenty for Zimbabwean who are finally rejoicing in a stronger economy

Cleopatra Matimbe, 24, pushes her trolley slowly through a busy supermarket in central Harare, picking up groceries for Christmas. Now it’s hard for her to remember that last year she and most of Simbabwe has no holiday celebration. “Last year’s Christmas was different from other the other Christmases we used to have long back. We had to go to Südafrika for groceries, there was no money to do shopping,” she said. “It’s different from the last two years, things have been ahrd for us.”

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Help Stop Wildlife Poaching in Zimbabwe…. Dead of Alive?

Help Stop Wildlife Poaching in Zimbabwe.... Dead of Alive? 11

poachingThe international community must urgently help curb a serious and escalating poaching threat in Simbabwe, urges independent conservation lobby group, The Zambezi Society.

Zimbabwe’s wildlife and wilderness areas are of global significance,” says Dick Pitman, Vice-Chairman of The Zambezi Society, which has a 25-year history of wildlife and wilderness conservation in northern Simbabwe.  “When a species like the black rhino is being poached to extinction, we are not talking about a local loss.  This is a case of collective international responsibility. It’s no longer a matter of “politics”.  The world must take action now, or accept the consequences”.

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Back on the Map – Zimbabwe

Back on the Map - Zimbabwe 13

Zimbabwe ArticleSource: Travel Africa Magazine, Edition 48 Autumn 2009-11-03
Written by: Frank Glettenberg

While being a firm favourite for thousands of travellers until the 1990’s, Simbabwe has all but dropped off the tourism map in recent years. With the formation of the coalition government and the American Dollarisation of the economy, I thought now was the right time to rate the country’s current tourism potential. How had the tourism infrastructure survived its dormancy? Were there still animals in the national parks? Would people be happy to see tourists? And most importantly, would I feel safe?

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Hwange and the hungry rangers

Hwange and the hungry rangers 15

Wild Dog Conservation ProjectSource: Go Magazine
Jenny wants to take me to the Painted Dog Conservation Project (Zimbabwe),  which is an organisation that works to protect African wild dogs. Inside their building (it’s got an amazing thatched dome) there is a child-friendly display where you can learn more about wild dogs. You can see the project is well funded – computers hum happily in the offices.

Der rehabilitation centre is directly behind the offices, where eight wild dogs are resident at the moment.

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Visiting the Dinosaurs in Zimbabwe

Visiting the Dinosaurs in Zimbabwe 17

Zimbabwe DinosaursSource: Wild Zambezi newsletter July 2009

Yes, it’s true…. there are (or at least, there once were….hundreds of millions of years ago) dinosaurs in the Zambezi Valley.  It is located in the remote southern part of the World Heritage Site that comprises Mana Pools National Park and the Sapi und die Chewore Safari Areas.

Well… to be clear, there are no dinosaurs but only their tracks, fossilized in ancient mud deposits which have emerged out of an eroded modern-day river bed.

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